Paris Saint-Germain don’t just need star power, they need stability


Paris Saint-Germain is a heavily invested club. Before the Qatari take over in 2011 the club had no seen Ligue 1 silverware since 1994. Since then, the club have progressively seen themselves climb into the elite in European football, dominate Ligue 1 in a heavy fashion (this is argued against for this year though) and also brought in some of footballs most marketable talent.

With money, it makes perfect sense that a club whose motto is “Revons Plus Grand” (Dream Bigger) would explore the most epic of routes – but sometimes those routes are so inflated that the simple mechanics of a brilliant team go unnoticed. Its been reported by various outlets such as L’Equipe that the club have major interest in acquiring Paul Pogba and Angel Di Maria this summer.

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Di Maria was on the threshold of signing with Les Parisians last summer but with little financial flare after big buy David Luiz for €50 million, Di Maria’s exit from Real Madrid saw him startlingly go to Manchester United. Pogba on the other hand would simply be a financial muscle flex – he is one of Europe’s most promising stars and is also home grown talent, it would be a full win situation for the club.

Yet, Pogba and Di Maria are not where PSG want to finish. Along with them, the capital outfit are also reported to be interested in PSV Eindhoven’s Memphis Depay according to ESPN and star studded Lyon developed Alexandre Lacazette according to L’Equipe.

This line up of star power  is simply overwhelming and exciting – but truthfully, where is the need? Instead Paris should be rebuilding within, as the club have major problems inside their current squad which should be addressed prior to licking their lips at the foot of a candy store.

For starters, the capital club may be a part of Europe’s most successful attacking passers (via Huawei), but the clubs midfield dexterity is crumbling. Thiago Motta’s decline is a quick fade and his once irreplaceable defensive duties must be replaced sooner rather than later.

Along with the Brazilian, Yohan Cabaye who came to Paris from Newcastle at the turn of 2014, has struggled to find not just form, but confidence. The Frenchman’s influence for the team has been minimal – certainly not comparable to his time in the Premier League. This in turn is affecting his international career and respectability. Cabaye’s best solution is to leave Paris for a club whose main goal is to provide him with ample playing time in order to rekindle his unique creativity in the midfield.

Another looming issue which seems to be overlooked is the clubs need for a rejuvenation upfront. Although the talisman Zlatan Ibrahimovic has single handily lead the club to uncommon glory – his days in France seem numbered. Ibrahimovic has spent more time being scrutinized for his volatile nature versus his brilliance on the pitch.

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  • This minor rift is certainly something which can blow over – but in the mean time, power should be granted for Edinson Cavani, not an onslaught of new attacking players. Cavani’s patience is enough to prove he is willing and able to replace the spotlight.

    Another point worth making is who in the club is worth cradling. Often times we see a clubs direction completely influenced by a vast amount of money. Because of this, plenty of players who could have grown to become fantastic leave their respective clubs because they are forced out by the glitter of a more marketable or coveted player.

    Paris Saint-Germain FC
    Paris Saint-Germain FC /

    Paris Saint-Germain FC

    To add to this, sometimes these “glitter” players don’t live up to their hype and in the circle of life, the neglected talent comes back in full force. A perfect example is Mohamed Saleh who spent too much time warming the rotational bench for Chelsea and finally found an outlet through Fiorentina and has been nothing less than incredible.

    In this category the likes of Paris’ youth need to be sheltered. Adrien Rabiot and Lucas Digne are prospective young players who deserve to be given the attention they need in order to gain their rightful places for senior team playing time before they decide to depart due to frustration.

    Finally, Ezequiel Lavezzi is a player whose minimal influence on the club proves his need in Paris is no longer merited.

    The Argentine, despite being a diligent worker on the pitch, has only added four goals to the Parisian tally this season and has struggled to assist graciously in the fashion he’s done previously. In January there was heavy buzz with Lavezzi being linked to a move to Liverpool for a mere €10 million – yet he has also stated his desire for a move back to Italy.

    In defence of the winger, his time on the pitch has been significantly decreased by Laurent Blanc – but his seize of the moment has also not been enough. As the season winds down with Le Classique on Sunday and a rigorous Champions League clash against Barcelona in the quarter-finals, Paris have a daunting challenge ahead.