Which Premier League Clubs Will Suffer the Dreaded Relegation?


The fight to survive in the Premier League may not be as glamorous as the battle for the title or the top-four, but for many fans it is just as significant. The prestige of the Premier League makes survival a huge desire, especially with the struggle that can often follow relegation.

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As a Leicester City fan, it has been a disappointing season for sure, but the suggestions that relegation is all but confirmed have grown tiresome and frankly irritating.

In Leicester’s case, 33 points are still up for grabs. Manchester United and Liverpool have both shown it doesn’t take too many wins to rise up the table. It is difficult to judge which teams will face this scrap to stay up as any team in the bottom half the table can still be viewed as vulnerable.

However, I think it is fair to say that the bottom five teams — Sunderland, Aston Villa, QPR, Burnley and Leicester — should be looked at the most, as their worries are the most immediate.

These are my predictions for each of the five clubs and their final point tally.

Current League Positions – 13/03/15

16th: Sunderland   28 -16 26
17th: Aston Villa    28 -23 25
18th: QPR               28 -20 22
19th: Burnley         28 -22 22
20th: Leicester      27 -20 18


Currently the most comfortable of the five, Sunderland will be looking to escape relegation as soon as possible. Avoiding a potentially nervy end to the season is the goal thanks to tough couple of months.

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Sunderland WIN v Aston Villa
West Ham v Sunderland DRAW

Sunderland DRAW v Newcastle
Sunderland WIN v Crystal Palace
Arsenal v Sunderland DEFEAT
Stoke v Sunderland DRAW

Sunderland DEFEAT v Southampton
Everton v Sunderland DEFEAT
Sunderland DRAW v Leicester
Chelsea v Sunderland DEFEAT

Total: 2 wins, 4 draws, 4 defeats.

36 points.

Aston Villa

Villa ended a seven game losing streak against West Brom last time out. The Villians will be hoping to build on this and avoid relegation from the Premier League for the first time. While they face a particularly challenging April, March does provide optimism.

Sunderland v Aston Villa DEFEAT
Aston Villa DRAW v Swansea

Man Utd v Aston Villa DEFEAT
Tottenham v Aston Villa DEFEAT
Aston Villa DRAW v QPR
Man City v Aston Villa DEFEAT

Aston Villa DRAW v Everton
Aston Villa WIN v West Ham
Southampton v Aston Villa DRAW
Aston Villa WIN v Burnley

Total: 2 wins, 4 draws, 4 defeats.

35 points.


I wasn’t impressed with QPR during the transfer window. The failure to replace Harry Redknapp with a experienced manager with in these kind of battles will cost the side dearly. Serious issues await the London based side.

Crystal Palace v QPR DEFEAT
QPR DRAW v Everton

West Brom v QPR DRAW
QPR DRAW v Chelsea
Aston Villa v QPR DRAW

Liverpool v QPR DEFEAT
QPR DRAW v Newcastle
Leicester v QPR DEFEAT

Total: 0 wins, 5 draws, 5 defeats.

27 points.


I don’t believe Burnley will experience the kind of momentum needed push themselves up the table. A tough March, followed by a busy April against the big teams, means by May, survival might be out of sight causing a deflated finish.

Burnley DEFEAT v Man City
Southampton v Burnley DEFEAT

Burnley DRAW v Tottenham
Burnley DEFEAT v Arsenal
Everton v Burnley DEFEAT
Burnley DRAW v Leicester

West Ham v Burnley DRAW
Hull v Burnley DEFEAT
Burnley DEFEAT v Stoke
Aston Villa v Burnley DEFEAT

Total: 0 wins, 3 draws, 7 defeats.

25 points.


Finally Leicester. Of course I am biased here but I’ve tried to remain consistent. Of the five, I firmly consider Leicester’s last quarter of the season to be the most favour-some. A win against Hull could be massive in their survival chances.

Leicester WIN v Hull
Tottenham v Leicester DRAW

Leicester WIN v West Ham
West Brom v Leicester DRAW
Leicester WIN v Swansea
Burnley v Leicester DRAW
Leicester DEFEAT v Chelsea

Leicester WIN v Newcastle
Leicester WIN v Southampton
Sunderland v Leicester DRAW
Leicester WIN v QPR

Total: 6 wins, 4 draws, 1 defeat.

40 points.

Final table predictions

16th: Leicester      40
17th: Sunderland  36
18th: Aston Villa  35
19th: QPR             27
20th: Burnley      25


The Premier League doesn’t guarantee anything, hence me making this post illustrating Leicester’s survival chances. It is important to note that football can spring surprises, making predictions difficult. This is what makes the game we love so entertaining.

The bottom three will no doubt finish West Brom, Everton and Hull.

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