Philippe Coutinho’s Excellent Streak Deserves The International Stage


Philippe Coutinho has been undoubtedly a huge part of Liverpool’s recent success. The Brazilian is reaping star power across Europe as he becomes as fascinating (or better than ) Raheem Sterling.

Coutinho has done this partly by being the deciding factor for Liverpool, including his dismantle of the Manchester City defence this past Sunday. The club won a sensational 2-1 match against the current English champions; perhaps with a chip upon their shoulders, but nonetheless executing wonderful form.

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Coutinho is of a descent in modern football that constructs a landslide of talent. Over and over again we see plenty of Brazilians, in all generations dominating the football landscape.

Coutinho is certainly one of these youngsters, but ceases to find his opportunity. Current coach and 1994 World Cup winner Dunga had granted Coutinho a chance against Austria and Turkey , but these caps have hardly helped to build his minuscule five international appearances.

He is among other talented youngsters who have failed to find space in a cluttered Brazilian team, such as Paris Saint-Germain’s Lucas Moura.

Despite the fact that Moura has been excellent in Brazil and France, Coutinho plays in a much superior league with exceptional battles weekly. He also works with a team who have been struggling immensely since the start of the 2014/2015 season, especially after their loss of Luis Suarez and absence of Daniel Sturridge.

The 22 year old has found confidence and is not feared by the power of his ability to score goals. In the void of Sturridge, Coutinho has happily taken some responsibility of scoring, but more than ever he is growing into a player who could make it predictable part of his arsenal.

With this in mind, he deserves international glory.

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At such a young age with rapid growth at his disposal, Coutinho could make a hefty mark on Dunga’s make up. Teammate Joe Allen feels similarly, offering his thoughts on how Coutinho is bound to make a huge international impact in the future.

"“Working with him day in, day out, he shows his quality every time he trains and plays and he scored a superb winner to get us the three points. He’s skilful and very versatile. He can play in different positions and teams are struggling to deal with him. Why has he started scoring? I think it is confidence. That’s a huge thing in football. The ability has always been there and technically he is right up there. I think some people forget how young he is at times. He is a young player getting better all the time. He is showing that goals are part of his game. He was always on this path. Those of us who work with him on a daily basis, we always knew he was going to kick on and reach this kind of level.”"

There’s nothing to argue with on this front. If Coutinho is only bound to accelerate in talent and his worth will only better Liverpool.