The We Are Hooligans 2014 Premier League Awards


The end of the year is upon us. With no more Premier League games until New Year’s Day, it’s time to take a look back at the year that was. Whether it was the established veteran continuing to show his class, or the up-and-comer making a name for himself.

Looking back at 2014, here are the Premier League players who showed that they were the best at what they do over the past year. We proudly present to you, the 2014 Premier League Awards.

Premier League Rookie of the Year

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This award goes to the player who debuted in the Premier League either this past summer or during last season’s January transfer window. The winner of the award has demonstrated his ability to adapt his game to that of the Premier League.

Coming in this past summer following great World Cup buzz, Alexis Sanchez has led Arsenal for most of this campaign.

Sanchez leads Arsenal in both goals (10) and assists (6) this season. However, Sanchez has proven that his presence on the field is just as important as his natural ability. His leadership and ability to distract defenses has kept Arsenal as high as they are in the standings. Without the Chilean international, the Gunners could conceivably be placed around mid-table.

Moving from the speed-based La Liga to the more physical Premier League is not an easy transition. Sanchez proved that he is one of the league’s best players. After Leaving Barcelona less than five months ago, Sanchez has found his place with Arsenal.

Winner: Alexis Sanchez

Premier League Goalkeeper of the Year

The goalkeeper of the year award is presented to the goalkeeper who demonstrated the ability to lead his team to victory. Whether it be through his leadership or great shot stopping ability, this goalkeeper proved that he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

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With last season’s disappointment behind him, Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has proven his ability so far this term. The improvement he has shown over the last year is nothing short of amazing. De Gea has clearly established himself as the best goalkeeper in England, and possibly, even in the world. This season alone, he has 57 saves.

With a goals against average of exactly one, De Gea has kept United in every game, allowing them to climb into the Premier League’s top three.

Returning to the Champions League is the goal for United and its players. De Gea is doing his part to allow the club to do just that. Really performing over the last 12 months, De Gea is the 2014 goalkeeper of the year, and could soon be the world’s best.

Winner: David de Gea

Premier League Player of the Year

The name says it all — the best player in the Premier League over the past year. For a player to qualify for the award, the player must have been in the Premier League since January, and still be employed by a Premier League club (not on loan obviously).

With 18 league goals over that period of time, Sergio Agüero has proven he is Manchester City’s star. He will forever be remembered for his 2012 title-winning strike, but he has found the best form of his career over the past twelve months.

The Argentinian striker is on pace for a 25-plus goal season, and barring major injury, looks in no mood to slow down. Agüero played a crucial role in City’s Premier League title win last season, helping them make a late season run to snatch the title from Liverpool.

All in all, there were many players who played great soccer over the last year in the Premier League, however, there are few who play outstanding soccer on a consistent basis. Agüero is one of those players. He proved over the last year that he is one of the best to ever suit up for Manchester City, and one of the best to ever grace the Premier League.

Winner: Sergio Agüero