Could Tony Pulis Return to Crystal Palace?


Following the 3-1 home loss to Southampton on Boxing Day, Crystal Palace have officially fired Neil Warnock as the club’s first team manager. The move comes of little surprise for many observers. Crystal Palace have failed to win in their last six matches and have only won once in their last twelve. This is the second time Warnock has departed Palace.

The sacking of Warnock means that Palace will begin their seventh managerial search in the last five years. However, this whole saga of Crystal Palace history has to go down in shame for the club. After winning last season’s Premier League Manager of the Season award, Pulis shockingly resigned just prior to the start of this season. Pulis sighted the reluctance of the club to spend the necessary money on players.

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Following the resignation of Pulis, Crystal Palace would fail to secure all of its top managerial targets. Through one form or another, the Eagles failed to land Malky Mackay, Tim Sherwood and Steve Clarke. All were seen as front-runners for the job when the vacancy first became available. Since then, only Sherwood remain unemployed. Should Palace fail once again to secure his signature, one wonders where they will go from here.

Sitting in the relegation zone halfway through the Premier League campaign means trouble for the London based club. Hiring a manager quickly will be the most important thing for Palace. With the January transfer window only days away, the new manager will need time to evaluate the squad and pick players he wishes to target from all around the world. Should Palace fail to lineup Sherwood as manager, there is one man the club can turn to in this troubling time.

In fact, the club already turned to this man last season while sitting in the relegation zone. Tony Pulis sits as the most experienced Premier League manager available for hire. More so, Pulis already has a working knowledge for the side, with most having played under him last season. Pulis could quickly and easily evaluate the current squad, targeting the areas that need help.

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Pulis also brings with a record that Crystal Palace currently needs. As a Premier League manager, Tony Pulis has never has a side relegated to the English Championship. He has already rescued Palace before, why can’t he do it again. After taking over as manager last season, Pulis lead the Eagles from 20th position all the way up to 11th by seasons end. In his entire managerial career, Pulis holds a winning record, something not many managers in top flight can ever claim.

Crystal Palace made a fool of themselves this past off-season. Choosing not to spend money to improve the squad backed Pulis into a corner. Rather than staying to sail a sinking ship, Pulis left. The first half of the campaign should have opened the board’s eyes. Pulis was right, the squad needed help, and board needed to spend. Whether it takes an apology or a big fat check, Crystal Palace should do whatever they can to resign Tony Pulis.

Money may not be able to buy happiness as the old saying goes. But when it comes to the Premier League, spending the money sure can help get you closer to it. If there is any thought in his mind of returning, Palace must do whatever they can to make sure Tony Pulis is manager once more.