Paris St Germain May Have Major Failure Looming


One can look to the statistics at Paris St-Germain and boast an undefeated streak across Europe — before their loss to Barcelona and EAG Guingamp. Laurent Blanc and company had an impressive coat of invincibility, but as it seems that ‘coat’ was quite fragile to begin with.

Paris are a club built on Qatari investments, one which before being injected with riches had a mediocre history since it’s initiation in 1970. The club had mundane successes, one of which saw the representation of the club through one of Brazil’s greatest, Ronaldinho from 2001-2003.

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As well as Paris’ best and most entertaining legacy of matches against the much more decorated side, Olympique de Marseille in Le Classique. But this is where Le Classique in modern times becomes a plastic club versus a bare knuckle club.

Olympique de Marseille is one of French’s footballs icons, a club who remains the only French side to win the UEFA Champions League (in 1993), won the Coupe de la Ligue a record 10 times and the Ligue 1 title nine. L’OM can also reflect a greater suit of legendary players versus Paris in the likes of Ligue 1 legend Jean Pierre Papin, the Ballon d’Or victor in 1991 as well as European Golden shoe winner Josip Skoblar.

This is not to discount the history that Paris have already attained and now are currently creating, but it is to foreshadow the idea that history could repeat itself this year in the league if Paris do not take their French rivals to heart. Ligue 1 may not be on the top of Paris’ wish list, but week by week the point level between the two clubs becomes increasingly smaller having seen each side climb and fall as the season progresses.

If Paris do not allow Ligue 1 to challenge them, overwhelm them or at least create the idea that it is an important figure to press on the lips of their fans and their trophy tally, there is no way they can attain the magic they hope for in the Champions League.

Photo : C.Gavelle/PSG

The club has been on a inevitable road since their inheritance of finances and many have witnessed the same before in recent times. The difference is how the finances are used — with Paris, greatness seems to be bought as opposed to gained.

At first, the clubs goals were attainable to who would work incessantly to reach them — now with the departure, as well as the snub of many current players it’s hard to see growth but instead inflation. Take Yohan Cabaye for example, a player who literally watched Newcastle suffer without him as he rode onto the streets of Paris.

Now the Frenchman is offered little to no responsibility for the club — one which is crammed from wall to wall in the midfield — he has never had a proper chance to utilize his opportunities when given.

Other examples lie in the departure of Paris’ recent losses like Jeremy Menez’ new call to form for AC Milan, Kingsley Coman’s inability for growth in a club which could not allow him the proper space to do so in a crowded senior team and Kevin Gamiero, the man who went on to Sevilla and win the Europa League in 2014.

The unfortunate truth is that the clubs ‘plastic’ enhancement has really just surrounded itself with the idea that ‘celebrity’ is more important than eventual success, or so it seems. What Paris are failing to understand over and over again this season, is not that they are just ‘playing another match’ but that every match is significant to their legacy.

Where the club finds their biggest flaws is during their opening moments — no velocity, no hunger and no pressure begins until their ‘inferior’ opponent threatens them. With a flag of momentum Paris are re-awoken into the match, and save the day before the end of the second half. But this sort of sleep mode will not work against world-class counter attackers such as Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, let alone the threat Chelsea present.

Thus it is difficult to put sole strain on Laurent Blanc for these problems– although he often cannot find the magic himself, it is a lack of unity that doesn’t seen to be clicking on the pitch. Is there a power struggle? A favoritism of some sort? The lack of a true captain? It is unknown, but the pitch is whispering a lot, and soon Paris might have to face their failures.

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