Chelsea FC: Nemanja Matic Believes In Invincibility


Chelsea FC midfielder Nemanja Matic believes that the Blues can go unbeaten this season. He’s obviously not the only one with such belief, but he is the first one from the Chelsea camp to actually say it out loud.

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The Blues have not lost a game this season, and their last defeat dates back to the Champions League semi-final vs Atletico Madrid last campaign. They have won 10 league games, and drawn three to date. Although held scoreless by a stubborn Sunderland on Saturday, they will have a chance at redemption when Tottenham comes from across town on Wednesday.

"“I want to win every game if possible. People can say the unbeaten record is putting more pressure on us. But I would rather have it this way because winning is never boring.”“When you win, training feels better and so does playing matches. I don’t know if we are better than the Chelsea team who won the title 10 years ago, but we know our qualities and we are a stylish team.”-Nemanja MaticSource: Daily Mirror"

The Serbian is one of the main reasons for Chelsea’s dominance this season, since returning to the club last January, he has hardly put a foot wrong. He does his job efficiently and consistently, protecting the back four while linking up with the offense; he even has a few goals to his name.

Matic is extremely good at what he does, and there are statistics to prove it:

Tackles Won: 47 (ranks 3rd in league)

Recoveries: 115 (ranks 1st in league)

Clearances: 35 (ranks 3rd in league)

Duels won: 90 (ranks 4th in league)

These are amazing stats for a midfielder, and at such a young age (26), he can only get better.

Matic has also warned his team to guard against complacency, as he knows all to well, what it is like to fall short at the end. Two years ago, his Benfica team only lost one game during their season, but still managed to lose out on the title after a 2-1 defeat to Porto (who went on to claim the title).

"“But I have been on a run like this before, at Benfica, when we went unbeaten for nearly the whole season. We lost the title in the penultimate game of the season when we lost for the first time against Porto, who went on to win the title.”“We played really well the whole season and were unbeaten for so long. But Porto also won every game. It was so hard to take. We lost the title, the Europa League and the Portuguese Cup in two weeks. These things happen maybe once in a thousand years.”“But it shows what can happen and it’s a lesson for Chelsea. It shows you can never be certain of anything in football. If we want to win the Premier League, we must continue playing like this in every game – right until the end.”-Nemanja MaticSource: Daily Mirror"

Matic is keen to avoid a similar situation with Chelsea; it will be a long and hard season, but the Blues have the perfect squad to reclaim glory in England, and probably Europe. Consistency is the key, but with all these competitions, the Blues will need everyone at their peak.