It’s Now Or Never For Manuel Neuer To Win Ballon d’Or


Although a clear a favorite for the prestigious Ballon d’Or looms around the corner, the potential of Manuel Neuer winning the award this year should be greater than it is. Due to the nature of the award, and in essence, it’s inability to cater to the likelihood of a goalkeeping contestant, it seems like this year is now or never for the German to win it. There are plenty of  reasons why he is deserving, but the fact stands that in the past, it has been difficult to see other positions in football winning the award over an attacking player.

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For Cristiano Ronaldo, his only blot on 2014 was his disappointing World Cup, but in Europe and at club level, it’s difficult to deny the numbers and trophies. It has been interesting to see the divide in opinion of those who believe that Ronaldo, the clear favorite, deserves the award for a consecutive year or not. A full throttle of Real Madrid mouths have taken over the media expressing loudly that he is surely the beholder of the award in January. But many who are not in a biased position, believe otherwise.

The most interesting of the bunch for me is Xabi Alonso. The former Real Madrid player has played alongside and created for the Portuguese international and yet his opinion stands for Manuel Neuer. The Spanish international claims that “If Neuer won it, it would be totally deserved. Neuer is by far the best keeper that I’ve played with” as reported by the Daily Mail.

July 4, 2014; Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL; Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (1) makes a save against France during the quarterfinal match in the 2014 World Cup at Estadio Do Maracana. Mandatory Credit: Alain Mounic/Presse Sports via USA TODAY Sports

Another man who often doesn’t have the most gentle pairing of words also backs up Manuel Neuer and his teammate Arjen Robben for not making the finalist list is Thomas Muller. He states that “if Ronaldo wins it again, it would be very boring. Then you’d have to question the choice” as reported by Despite his use of words, Muller does have a point to make. The consistent battle for best in the world often finds itself inter-weaved in the nomination and winning process of the Ballon d’Or– and often it is inevitable as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo always find themselves on top.

But truly, if Neuer can’t win it this year, when would he be able to? At the age of 28, he still has many years ahead of him for Bayern Munich and Germany — he has simply revamped the way his position is played. He has aided in club and international success, and is so unique that he should be apart of the final 3. He has won the World Cup, and had a fine domestic season, but he does not hold the same kind of numbers his attacking counterparts have.

But how can he? How can he be measured with the same amount of greatness as Ronaldo or Messi who naturally gather numbers and stats with their position? It is very hard to say; but one thing is for certain, now is the time for him to claim the award, otherwise it is hard to say when he could again.