Liverpool’s Demise Expose Same Old Problems


It’s extremely discouraging watching the clear demise of a team, and seeing the obvious errors that haunt them. For Liverpool, the inevitable has dawned upon Brendan Rodgers and his men, but the heaviness weighs mostly on the shoulders of the Irishman.

What often happens next in the world football with a track record of dismay like the one Liverpool have had this far, is seeing the departure of their leader and coach.

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After an embarrassing 3-1 defeat to Crystal Palace — a club which when The Reds faced last were on route to securing a league title for the first time in 24 years — many questions will arise. But what is most frustrating, is the fact that many of these questions have been asked over and over since the beginning of the 2014/2015 season.

The truth is, even with Liverpool’s potential solutions in the return of Daniel Sturridge or a hopeful reincarnation of Mario Balotelli, the Reds are a mess everywhere else. It feels like a broken record has been spun yet again, when I display the obvious blemish in the central defense who is none other than Dejan Lovren. His form from Southampton seems like a dream for Liverpool to attain, and his constant dismantling of the central defense, is a clear sign that his partnership with Martin Skrtel is just not working.

Liverpool’s Skrtel

In the midfield — although Liverpool had made some magnificent young signings like Emre Can — Steven Gerrard’s decline in form is exposed week after week. In some regards it makes me as a fan, feel an overload of sympathy for the skipper– it is clear he cannot keep up with the work rate any longer. Playing a full 90 minutes is not something Brendan Rodgers can expect of Gerrard anymore, otherwise these sloppy performances will continue to haunt Liverpool and their fans.

And finally, the most miserable point of all lies in the teams ultimate lack of mental strength. Although we see great magic on the flanks for Raheem Sterling or Jon Flanagan, the team’s deflation as the match progresses, even in their favor is so discouraging it makes me wonder where their heads are at. In matches where the club needed succession the most, their entity failed to show power. On paper, their roster looks to have filled the holes which are gaping, but in reality the club’s chemistry is broken.

Brendan Rodgers – Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Luis Suarez effect can be considered, but this is not the only facet. Perhaps his presence added flair or confidence to the club, but the truth is, Brendan Rodgers has a responsibility to make this happen without him. His absence can no longer be seen as an excuse.

On Sky Sports, Liverpool legend — and now pundit — Jamie Carragher , blasted the club for being ‘mentally and physically weak’– he has been critical of the team no doubt, but in the wake of their 3-1 loss, Carragher is being gentle. Physically the club can manage a solution, but mentally it’s a much greater task and will require more care, especially with the form the club is in.

As it stands there are no more excuses for the Reds, their fans are frustrated despite their volume of chanting and Brendan Rodgers has fine mess in front of him.