Could Lionel Messi Transfer Away From Barcelona?


In what may be seen as a shocking revelation, Lionel Messi revealed that he could, one day, leave Barcelona. Messi, who has been with Barcelona since he was admitted to the Barcelona Academy at age 13, revealed that he could leave Barcelona should the opportunity be right. It is by far the strongest hint given by Messi about his possible future destinations. As shocking as it seems, could Messi really be thinking of leaving the Spanish Giant?

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Even though a move away from the club at the present is unlikely, an acceptable offer for both Barcelona and Messi could happen in the next couple of years. At 27 years old, Messi’s current run at the top is nearing its end. With only about five years left of his prime, could Lionel Messi transfer away from his longtime home? For Barcelona, a deal would have to be struck before that time ends if the club is to get top dollar for Messi’s services.

A transfer would also have to make sense for Messi. Moving away from possibly the world’s best club would be something that would need to be offset. The way to offset it, back the bank truck up to Messi’s front door. A major contract could offset the move away from a giant of a club. Something else for Messi to consider will be Barcelona’s acquisitions up front. Luis Suarez and Neymar look to be the clubs future up front, while Messi has spent most time playing in an attacking midfield role. Moving away from Barcelona would allow Messi to play up front for any team in the world.

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  • Another obstacle that could make a transfer unlikely is the number of clubs that could afford such a move. Off the top of my head, the only real candidates that would meet competition and pay standards for Messi would be Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Paris St Germain. Many will also call for clubs around the world that could make an acceptable offer, one that will easily top the €100 million mark, but there is only a handful of clubs in the world that can offer a suitable contract and provide the competition level that suits Messi’s world best standards.

    One club that does not make the list is Real Madrid. Second only to Barcelona in the minds of many, and ahead of Barcelona in just as many, Real Madrid provide all that would be required to sign Messi. However, Messi leaving Barcelona for their biggest rival is highly unlikely. Messi will always be a Barca player, and playing for Real Madrid would not accomplish anything for Messi.

    Could Messi really leave the club he’s been with since age 13? It could happen, just ask the player himself. Where he will go, that’s a question for another day. Be assured though, the move away from Barcelona for Messi will be the biggest transfer in world, and possibly the most important transfer in world history.