Is Jurgen Klinsmann finally putting stock in MLS?


Twenty five American players have been called up to the USMNT for its November friendlies. The United States Hosts Colombia at Craven Cottage in London, England before traveling to Dublin to take on the fierce Irish. In the squad, manager Jurgen Klinsmann has chosen 11 US Based players, with nine making their careers in Major League Soccer. Most of the call ups have been established national team players such as Jermain Jones, DeAndre Yedlin and Kyle Beckerman.

There was however one notable newcomer to the squad. The addition of New England Revolution attacking midfielder Lee Nguyen to the United States squad signals a possible change in Klinsmann’s decision making process at it adheres to Major League Soccer. Calling up league MVP candidate Lee Nguyen shows the importance of Major League Soccer to the United States. Klinsmann on many occasions has criticized MLS against European Leagues. And though MLS is a sub-par league compared to the top leagues in Europe, calling it sub-par to all of Europe is outlandish.

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With the addition of MLS star Lee Nguyen, Stanford forward Jordan Morris and Minnesota United star forward Miguel Ibarra to the USMNT, Jurgen Klinsmann may just be coming on to the strength of MLS and soccer in the United States as a whole. If the United States are to become a real soccer power, the domestic leagues need to be on par with the best. To get to that point, players need to believe that playing in MLS can lead to something, like playing for the United States national team.

Part of Jurgen Klinsmann’s rebuilding plan in Germany was revitalizing the country’s youth and getting them to top of Europe, which many Germans have done while making a home for themselves with Germany’s top clubs. Revitalizing the United States youth and helping MLS grow and get better as a league should be a goal for Jurgen Klinsmann. MLS needs to grow and needs to improve in quality. Americans love to be the best. Why should we not want the world’s best soccer league?

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But for all of this to happen, the national team manager needs to believe in the league. The national team manager needs to give the MLS players hope of becoming something more. Players such as DeAndre Yedlin would never have been discovered without the national team. Since become an overnight star this summer, Yedlin has signed with English Premier League club Tottenham. Giving MLS players this stage is something that is needed from the national team manager.

Could the move to call up such American youth be a sign for the future? Could Jurgen finally be changing his feelings toward MLS? The youth of MLS need him. MLS needs him. All of America’s soccer fans need him. Jurgen Klinsmann needs to believe in MLS. If he wants to make the USA, the “best in the world,” then Jurgen needs to start believing in the strength and ability of the players of Major League Soccer.