Should Brendan Rodgers Be Worried For His Job?


Brendan Rodgers has been the quiet yet enormous influence for Liverpool since his arrival in 2012. His strong demeanor and his ability to provide healthy relationships with his players has made him exude the presence of a man of confident stature in and around Anfield.

But this season, although his demeanor hasn’t changed, the outcome of his tactics have been suffering gradually. It’s time to stop focusing on the departure of Luis Suarez, and focus on all the other fantastic talents Liverpool have acquired in the summer transfer window — but why aren’t the clubs abundant purchases filling the void?

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This is why Luis Suarez continues to haunt Liverpool, regardless of the way the club feels about it. For Brendan Rodgers, the seasons failings inevitably fall upon his shoulders and so far, those failings have been heavy. It isn’t fair to blanket his successes with this idea, but in retrospect to the wonder year that the club had last year, it’s hard for fans to not place focus on the bad.

Liverpool currently sit at 7th in the Premier League, which is a bold reflection of the lack of points the club has collected. In their past 7 games, the Reds have lost 3, tied 2 and won 2. Yet on the winning card, the victories have been narrow, especially in their sloppy win against Queens Park Rangers, yet a win is a win.

To amplify their situation, the likelihood of entering the Round of 16 in the Champions League is slim. Liverpool sit 3rd in group b, with two defeats to Real Madrid; and according to former Liverpool man Stan Collymore, Basel have a better liking to go through over the 5- time champions.

Thus with report card in hand, how tall should Brendan Rodgers be standing? His bold rotation against Real Madrid was heavily criticized with echoes of assumptions that Rogers let the club be defeated before they even started the match.

Personally I believe Rodgers had a calculated plan and despite the fact that on paper the squad looked to be defeated, they played with efficiency and resistance. The outcome was much lesser than the Anfield disaster 2 weeks prior against The Galaticos.

Some also say that his snub of some of Liverpool’s greatest names is an insult to the fans, perhaps in some ways it is, if Liverpool are adding glamor and entertainment to their tactical line ups– but the fans should know better. The man who wears the shirt , is still their soldier. And the squad that night for me, impressed to a greater level than most fans would’ve thought.

Rodgers is intelligent and very fierce in his decision making. His attitude is one that Liverpool has evolved in, not changed. He realizes as a coach his need to make huge decisions and stand by them – which he has done time and time again. If Liverpool lose to Chelsea on Saturday, it will give Liverpool 3 defeats in a row – a score line no manager admires.

Yet I believe the chances of the Irishman being sacked are not afloat, but could strike the minds of club Presidents if significant changes aren’t upheld by next year. His work rate as a manager is unlike many, leaving big room for greater potential.

But for Liverpool fans, that potential cannot come fast enough as they have been as patient as possible.