“Complete nonsense” Manchester United star Marcus Rashford speaks out

Marcus Rashford of Manchester United (Photo by Eric Verhoeven/Soccrates/Getty Images)
Marcus Rashford of Manchester United (Photo by Eric Verhoeven/Soccrates/Getty Images) /

Marcus Rashford is out of contract at Manchester United in 2024, after the club triggered a one-year extension clause in his current deal. It looks like the two parties are exchanging in dialogue about putting pen to paper in a new deal.

Being “one of their own”, Rashford loves the club and owes a large part of his successful career to Manchester United for believing in him and sticking by him through the bad times. He’s in great form at the moment, but I’d describe him as a “yo-yo player” – lots of ups and downs.

Some reports have suggested that Rashford is holding out for £500,000 per week, which is an obscene amount of money. However, the respected England international has hit out at such remarks, dubbing them as “complete nonsense” (via Independent).

Such reports are fuelled by bitter jealousy. There’s a saying in the UK that a lot of professional journalists are in their ivory towers. I’m not claiming this to be true, however, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if such storylines are fuelled by a hatred of Rashford since he does a lot for the common people of the U.K.

Regardless, to make up such lies is ridiculous in its own right. Rashford is one of the most humble players in the game and having said that he and club are being respectful to each other, there is no room for false news like this in the sport.

So, fair play to Rashford for speaking out. It’s always nice to see stories like this as we can sometimes forget that players are humans, who are surrounded by other humans who love them dearly. Some journalists must seriously remind themselves of this before they sit behind their desk and fuel hatred like this.

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