Man United’s Marcus Rashford leading the way in a time of crisis

Always positives coming from our darkest hours. In this case, a young 22-year-old Marcus Rashford showcases what’s more important than football.

Some football players have really broken the net with their work off the football pitch during this global pandemic. The Coronavirus has taken the front page in every corner of the world, putting an end to normality as we know it.

One of the many heroes coming to England’s aid has been United’s forward, Marcus Rashford. He has been on the frontline since COVID-19 hit England and Europe hard. The continent has surpassed every other country in death tolls and needs all the help they can get.

The kid Marcus Rashford

Rashford has done his large part in trying to help those who are under privilege and unable to help themselves during the COVID-19 time crisis with the help of his club’s FareShare charity, Tesco, Asda, and Co-op Calcio Finanza.

Together with the 14-goal Rashford, they earned the help of over £20 million in donations, food and money. There is no gold medal for this but a key to the city/country would be an important achievement for the Englishman and others chipping in with aid in whatever way.

An example of what is to have the status of a hero off the pitch. A show of true fearlessness. Rivals Man City have also made big moves like using the Etihad Stadium for NHS trainees in a bid to ready them for treatment of Coronavirus victims.

Sad news coming out of Europe

The situation in Europe is dire at the moment and COVID-19 is getting the best of people, taking a toll on them mentally, not only physically. It was reported that on Sunday, Stade de Reims club doctor, Bernard Gonzalez took his own life after contracting the Coronavirus.

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He was 60-years-old and was recently diagnosed with the virus. Prayers go out to his family and the club. This is why the need for players like Marcus Rashford and Jordan Henderson in the world is so important to take the lead.

Sad days indeed but hopefully with more pitching in, they will make the time a bit easier for some who are vulnerable to the Coronavirus.