Manchester United have a significant advantage for Cody Gakpo

Cody Gakpo, Holland (Photo by ANP via Getty Images)
Cody Gakpo, Holland (Photo by ANP via Getty Images) /

Manchester United could bring Cody Gakpo where he belongs.

It seems like this Cody Gakpo to Manchester United transfer saga has been going on for a lifetime and that’s because it has – well, since the summer. But if recent reports are true, then Manchester United could put this saga to an end, the end which they desire.

According to Man Utd News, Cody Gakpo will still consider Manchester United as a viable destination if they approach him again in January. It is thought the Dutch sensation sees his future in the striker position, which suits Manchester United since they need a player to fill this position to replace Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gakpo is a player on everyone’s lips at the moment as he is loving life in Qatar. Gakpo has scored three goals in four games for the Netherlands and is predicted to score again versus Argentina in the quarter finals.

The 23-year-old is versatile and can be moulded into any position during this stage of his career. This season, he has played most of his football as a winger but can certainly play more central as he is accustomed to cutting inside.

Of course, many European clubs will be looking at signing Gakpo as he is young, talented and proven on the world stage. Therefore, Manchester United will need to fend off any competition but in recent years, they have been self-destructive by paying over the odds with wages, so Gakpo will be expecting a lot to keep up with his potential new teammates.

The Red Devils need to have a good January if they are to improve in the second half of the Premier League season, therefore Gakpo seems like the obvious addition as he would fit straight into the starting XI.

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