Why Manchester United are in a never ending limbo

Harry Maguire of Manchester United (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Harry Maguire of Manchester United (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images) /

Manchester United find themselves in the never ending spiral once again. At the weekend they suffered yet another drubbing at the hands of their cross-city rivals, Manchester City, as pressure grows for this team to find some direction and desire.

The biggest problem at Old Trafford, is the constant limbo, the not knowing what’s next, and they’re in their worst state of uncertain futures than ever before. The appointment of Ralf Rangnick, though smart, still leaves player’s on the pitch wondering who’s around for next year.

Rumours of discontent, players wanting out and who’s the ‘teachers pet’ come out of the club daily. It’s no secret that Carrington isn’t a happy place right now. But just how do you get out of this situation? And is there a solution for this declining team?

Of course there is, but not this season. What needs to happen is a transition that’s accepted. Rangnick has made it clear his expertise are more focused in the boardroom, where he should be by the end of the season. Simply that give’s some continuity, the next step is finding a manager to work in tandem with Rangnick. For years it has been manager fighting against those above, for United to succeed, there needs to be an ongoing relationship that is fluid and on the same page.

Only when you have a group within management committed to a project, going in the same direction can you even begin to focus on the playing squad.

Right now, you have a team of individuals. be that because of ego’s, or just the fact they’re uncertain of their future. To start the project, you need individuals invested in the project, you all have to work together, otherwise you’ll never move forward.

The current crop that is in this team either believe they’re better than one another or don’t know what to play for, be that the manager or their own sake. It’s a lost group, one that doesn’t want to buy into tactics that very well may disappear before the start of next season.

Talk of a clear out is all well and good, but put the right foundations in place and give them the option, buy in, or ship out.

There are plenty of players at United that may not be good enough, or just don’t want to be there, and truthfully we’ll never see their potential until the club has the real structure in place.

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The never ending limbo that Manchester United finds itself in will only change when everyone is on the same page, from the top down. They have a chance to do that next year, they need to and they’ll have to do it with the mantra, you’re either in or out, no exceptions.