Analysis: Could Laimer be Manchester United’s midfield answer?

It’s no secret that Manchester United have many issues at the moment, but one that seems to be the most asked question, is what to do about there midfield? With constant speculation over the future of Paul Pogba, the form of inconsistent Fred, or if Scott McTominay can be the main man, United fans will and do look elsewhere. Through all the clouds of transfer speculation, maybe there is a man who fits the bill,  and maybe it’s in the form of RB Leipzig midfielder, Konrad Laimer.

United’s German Interim Manager, Ralf Rangnick, is known for a high octane style of play, that involves a lot of pressing, but hasn’t been able to implement this at Old Trafford as of yet. Whether that is just a matter of time, or there’s issue with personal is an unanswered question, but it’s definitely evident that some players just don’t fit the system.

In the German’s desired system, the two central midfielders are the most important players on the pitch, they are responsible for sweeping up attackers whilst also driving the ball forward to get the attackers involved as quickly as possible.

A player who fits the Rangnick model, is Austrian lynchpin Laimer.

Laimer, currently plays at RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga, one Rangnick’s former teams. He is more than familiar with his aggressive pressing style, which also happens to be one of the Austrian’s best attributes. He is often described as a ‘ball hunter’ with his relentless pursuit of the ball.

The 24-year-old has been in the Red Bull system since his youth, making him familiar with taking the ball forward at pace, connecting the two fazes of play, quickly and efficiently. After winning the ball, Laimer loves to push forward, spread the ball vertically, then follow up with aggressive runs into the box that may create one-twos or even assists.

This season, Laimer has not reached his usual heights, but is easy his way back from a serious injury. Despite this, when fit and healthy, the Austrian has continuously excelled and could be an answer to consider, to ease United’s midfield issues.