11 games gone, 5 management changes: What’s going on in the Premier League?

With just 11 Premier League games gone in the 2021/22 season, five managers have already been dismissed, more than in the entirety of last year’s campaign. The amount of managerial changes is the most departures at this stage of the season for 17 years.

This season has seen Aston Villa, Norwich City, Tottenham, Watford and Newcastle change their manager so far.

So what’s going on this season in the Premier League? And why are we seeing so many clubs pull the plug?

Letting managers go before the last international break before January is nothing new, it gives teams’ hierarchy time to reassess and take stock of the season so far.

It also seems like the perfect opportunity to bring someone new in; plenty of time to get to know their squad and then formulate plans for the January transfer window.

Football management is a brutal task, and with the finances that come with staying in the Premier League against going back to the Championship, it is no surprise that managers are swapped and changed so frequently — but to have so many changes this early on begs the question — has it become more brutal?

Since the beginning of the 2019-20 season, 16 managers have been replaced within the season, with only two managers leading their teams to lower place finishes than where they were, when they were appointed. So it’s easy to understand why teams think the reward is higher than the overall risk.

It’s possible to believe that last season was an anomaly, with the impact of COVID being felt on and off the pitch. With the pressures of fans in the stadium back and the return of revenue streams to clubs normal, the risk and reward are back on the up.

The pressure of fans and the ever going supporter pressure that comes with the social media world, can only add to the intense lack of job security top-flight managers have.

It looks more and more likely that there will be more replacements coming in the Premier League before the season closes.