ESL: UEFA suspends all legal actions and monetary fines on 12 clubs

According to an official statement made by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), they have dropped all legal actions and monetary fines against the 12 clubs involved.

UEFA will not be taking legal action against the likes of Juventus, Real Madrid, and Barcelona for trying to break away from the association.

The UEFA tried to take legal action against the three clubs that were yet to resign from the European Super League. Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid lodged a complaint against UEFA stating that the punishment is against the European competition law.

The reputed transfer journalist Fabrizio Romano tweeted:

Following stay of proceedings against Barça, Juventus and Real Madrid, in the matter related to violation of UEFA’s legal framework with Super League, UEFA Appeals Body declared today the proceedings NULL & void, as if the proceedings had never been opened

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Previously, there were 12 clubs across Europe’s top-five leagues, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, and Inter Milan, who tried to form a new league called European Super League.

The fans cried foul and fought against it as this tournament/league had the potential to kill the competition between the aforementioned “elite clubs” and the other clubs across Europe.

Following a huge backlash from fans, all the Premier League outfits involved were rescinded from the competition and tendered an unconditional apology to their respective fans. However, UEFA decided to fine these clubs. The elite European body had asked these clubs to pay a combined fee of £22 million.

According to recent reports, the footballing body has scrapped the fine as well.

Before the appeal was launched, UEFA said it would be contacting the other nine clubs involved in the attempted breakaway to tell them they do not have to pay – for the time being at least – the combined £22m they had agreed to donate to grassroots and community projects for trying to set up the ESL in April

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However, this is not the end. UEFA can still levy legal actions on the likes of Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid and impose fines on the other nine clubs.

At the moment, the clubs are free from any previous rulings of the Union of European Football Associations.