Is Chelsea making a mistake by letting Tomori go to AC Milan?

Chelsea will part ways with young Fikayo Tomori as they move within inches from agreeing to a deal that sees him move over to AC Milan permanently, following a successful loan spell.

Chelsea is known for selling young players after not giving them a solid chance in the first team. These players would then go to other clubs and have great success, some of them becoming the best in the world like Kevin De Bruyne, Mohammed Salah, and Romelu Lukaku.

Tomori who has been at Chelsea since he was 8 years old hasn’t been given a real chance by the club and whoever was in charge at the time. The season that he played the most in the Premier League was in the 2019/2020 run where he played 15 games.

Even though he enjoyed great loan campaigns at Hull City, Derby County, and lately at Milan, it wasn’t enough to convince Chelsea to keep him at Stamford Bridge.

It is practically a done deal that AC Milan would finish a €28.5 million move for the 23-year-old center-back in the next 24 hours.

Tomori who switched to Italy back in January had a superb season with The Rossoneri ending in the Italian club wanting to sign him long-term.

Tomori played 17 games for AC Milan and was crucial in the defense alongside Simon Kjær for their comeback to the Champions League after 7 years of not being in the competition.

Now the question is… Is it a mistake for Chelsea to let him go?

Even though one of the better departments at Chelsea is their defense, I think that letting Tomori go it’s a huge mistake that they would regret in the future – like they have done many times in the past with other players.

Another thing they would regret is how cheap they sold him for. Just €28.5 million for a center-back that holds the promise Tomori does is way too cheap in today’s market.

These days any player is at least worth €40-€50 million. I think if they were ready to let him go, they needed to put up a higher asking price since he has shown he’s worth in Serie A.

Also, the Blues have center-backs like Thiago Silva and César Azpilicueta, who are elite defenders but are on the other side of 30 years old. The Blues need to think about their future and letting Tomori their youngest center-back in the squad go is a big mistake future-wise.

After Tomori had experienced how it is to play in another league this past season he was going to come back even tougher and smarter on the pitch which was going to benefit Chelsea.

Is Chelsea short-staffed at the center-back position?

With Tomori’s departure, the Blues are a little short-staffed in their defense. It is known that they play with 5 defenders at the back, 3 of them being center-backs.

They have Thiago Silva, César Azpilicueta, Antonio Rüdiger, Kurt Zouma and Andreas Christensen in the center-back position.

As we mentioned before, Silva and Azpilicueta are already past the 30-year-old mark which would be a key factor in playing time since Tuchel would probably have to give them a break every once in a while.

Then, Tuchel has Kurt Zouma and Andreas Christensen who both are known for their constant injuries.

So, Tuchel is practically trusting Rüdiger all the way, of course, injuries are not expected but 4 out of the 5 players mentioned above are always at high risk of sustaining injuries. Knowing his limited options I think that Tuchel needed to do a lot more to keep Tomori.

In the next hours, we would probably see the transfer become official by the clubs which would end a 16-year run for Tomori at Stamford Bridge.

He most likely would keep doing great things in Italy which I’m sure would open the doors for him in the Premier League again in some years, most likely to another club since I don’t think he’s coming back to the Blues after not receiving many opportunities.

Do you think Tomori can come back to England’s Top Flight in the next years? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.