Can Everton win the race for Norwich City’s Max Aarons?

It’s been known since February that Everton has joined the race to sign Max Aarons. Some top-tier clubs like Barcelona and Bayern Munich are also looking to swoop in for the fullback.

During the last transfer window, many clubs were interested in the English right back. The 21-year-old is a very interesting right-back who has been playing a solid amount of minutes since his debut in 2017 with Norwich City.

Max Aarons has played 43 games out of 44, missing just one because of International duty with the England U-21 squad. It is obvious that he is one of the key players for Daniel Farke.

Even though being one of the most important players in the team, Norwich has given him the green light to move to another club in the summer.

They realized that the value of Aarons can be very high and with that money, they could add more pieces to Farke’s plan since Norwich sealed their promotion back to the Premier League after being relegated last year.

Now, is Max Aarons a good fit for Everton?

Yes, the English right-back can give a lot to Ancelotti’s side. Everton had a really good start of the season but hasn’t been in good form of late.

Winning just one game out of their last five, Ancelotti would probably try to make his squad stronger for next year so they can keep their form all season long. Everton has a good squad but the right-back position is probably their weakest piece on the defense.

One can even go on in saying, Everton has at best 13 Premier Leauge worthy players in their entire squad. Athletic, young defenders are needed to help refresh the backline.

Seamus Coleman, the experienced right-back who has played twelve seasons at Everton is already 32 years old and he is not at the same level as he was some years ago.

Also, there is Mason Holgate who can play as a right-back, but honestly, Max Aarons at this moment is at a higher level than both of them. When Holgate is used as CB, he does far better for the manager. The boss would be watching this.

Aarons is a young player, just 21 years old, and has shown in the last couple of years that he can easily be one of the best right-backs in the Premier League for the near and far future  – but hr needs the right type of management to get him to an elite level.

Is he too expensive for Everton?

The 21 years old right-back is valued by the club @ 20 million Euros. For a right-back with Everton’s budget, it is somehow expensive, but it is worth it because of how good he is.

With Aarons, the Toffees could make a step to finally being a consistent team fighting for a European spot. Imagine a defense of Digne, Godfrey, Mina and Aarons? Ancelotti’s side will receive some much-needed depth.

I think Everton can afford him and they can help each other. He will get the game time he wants in the top flight while the Toffees gain quality in depth. A real win-win situation!

Also, if Aarons reaches his world-class potential, Everton could sell him for double of what they are being asked to pay by Norwich. So economically it’s also a win-win situation for the Toffees.

Do you think Everton could win the race for the English right back? Can he improve Everton’s level of football?