Paul Pogba and Amazon: Matchmaker

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba has signed a deal with Amazon to produce a documentary on his life as he becomes another addition to their already stellar line-up of sporting documentaries.

The World Cup winner and former most expensive transfer in the world, has never shied from the limelight, be it on the pitch, with his tricks and skills that earned him the £88 million move to the Premier League, or off-field friendships and antics as an avid social media presence.

Pogba has worn his personality on his sleeve throughout his career, with different hairstyles nearly every week, vibrant goal celebrations and wearing statement fashion items before and after a game.

Although this may have garnered criticism from several of English football’s known pundits, his ability to connect with younger fans, 43.5 million followers on Instagram and showcase his style regardless, makes this deal with Amazon seem like it should have been done years ago.

Amazon announced the deal on Twitter:

One has to ask what took Amazon and Pogba so long

Amazon have created multiple football documentaries with different teams, the most famous of those being with Manchester City and Leeds United.

Both have had mega-star narrators in Ben Kingsley and Russell Crowe and received a lot of praise.

Despite Amazon’s former success, this will be their first with a solo football star but it seems like a very good place to start.

Pogba’s recent disagreements with the Manchester United hierarchy, the team’s up and down form and what his plans are for the future, are just the tip of the iceberg of what this documentary could uncover for viewers.

In truth, there is so much for this documentary to dive into, and most likely more to come. Pogba comes across as a diverse character, who knows who he is and is proud of it.

It’s quite surprising this opportunity has not been given to him earlier but certainly feels right that he is one of the first, current, footballing stars to be given it.

The documentary is set to come out at some point in 2022 and rumours that it may include unseen footage of the player’s youth and previous years at Manchester United and Juventus.

There is a lot to look forward to, not to mention the deep dive that it should give the viewer into the man that Pogba is himself, behind the lights and stage of Old Trafford.