Players react to news of June 1 for Premier League restart – Rose had some strong words

NEWCASTLE, Danny Rose (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)
NEWCASTLE, Danny Rose (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images) /

Following reports of the government giving the English Premier League the thumbs up for a restart of the 2019-2020 campaign, Danny Rose made sure his message was clear on how he feels about the situation.

Spurs’ full-back, Danny Rose, who is on loan to Newcastle for the remainder of the season, did not hold back on his thoughts of the Premier League hitting refresh as of June 1. The league is set to have many new ordinances and guidelines to adhere to when the English Top Flight makes a comeback.

From players being tested twice a week to no celebrations on the pitch, many new laws are in place to help prevent any spread of COVID-19, the virus that has plagued us since December and stopped football since March 11 in England. That game being the second leg between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid, on a Champions League night.

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Sadly, this is not enough for players like Danny Rose and Raheem Sterling, who feel the government is raving mad and Premier League officials are acting prematurely. Some of them feel at risk, fearing for their lives. The number of cases and the death toll needs to decrease before even think about taking the pitch, according to Rose.

Dany Rose on the return of English football:

"The governments saying bring back football to boost the morale of the nation, I don’t give a f*ck about the nations morale.Peoples lives are at risk! Football shouldn’t be spoken about till numbers have dropped massively. It’s bollocks. (Via: The Spurs Web)"

Ally McCoist raises a stronger point

Talking on Talk Sports Radio, Ally McCoist had his say on the Rose matter. In total agreement with the Englishman on his point that it might be too early, but counter-attacked him with a stronger viewpoint.

The time is not right, yes. But there are others risking their lives daily in the NHS and all health sectors around the world, including all essential workers. What’s the difference between them and football players? Players’ lives over NHS and essential staff’s lives? Double stranded I think? No… I know it’s double standard.

If you agree with Danny – Are tuning into the Bundesliga this weekend coming? This is the type of question that needs to be asked. If you are not for the return of football, nor eagerly awaiting to see how “Project Restart” works out, then you should not be watching German football come May 16.

There are precautions in place, with ways to keep everything hygiene for each player. The players’ health and safety, along with all the staff who will have to work on matchdays are important.

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If we wait for even 90% normality, it could be too late to salvage anything they’ve played for in the 2019-2020 campaign. It’s a tough call into action, however, it’s a call that must be made sooner or later.