A look at some of Liverpool’s loanees – Can they make the cut next season

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With the uncertainty surrounding the EPL due to COVID-19 and not knowing the real implications on the transfer window, we look at some of the loanees that may or may not have a future at Liverpool.

Liverpool needs depth in their squad. Klopp has spoken of bridging the gap between the starting 11 and the impact players on the bench. There are a few on the fringe players ready to pack up and go.

Gaps will open up on the bench and perhaps in the starting lineup. With some rumours floating around with regards to Real Madrid potentially going in for Sadio Mane, Liverpool is already at threat of losing one of their key men.

This leaves question marks as there is no telling if Liverpool will sign first-team competition or potentially great players. Liverpool will need to compete for more silverware next season. Adding to their transfer dilemma, they also welcome back a pack of loaned out players.

Is there space for them? Is there a chance they’d make a first-team breakthrough? Jurgen Klopp has built an amazing squad with some buys not working out over the years but Klopp would need to reassess his options moving forward.

Here is a list of players out on loan and whether they should stay or leave.

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