Man United: Paul Pogba throws a spanner in the works amid transfer exit rumours

Paul Pogba admits he is “hungry to come back” and wants to “do well” when he returns to action for Man United. Has interest shifted to an Old Trafford stay for the player?

As previously said in a post about several days ago, it’s hard to pass judgement on Pogba and if his future is at Man United. One week a move to Real Madrid still stands in the balance. The following week the player himself is eager to return to action and ready to commit long-term to United.

The news of him wanting to commit his future was the biggest shocker of all the stories coming out of Pogba’s camp. Yet, with each week that passes and June the hopeful date to restart the Premier League, Pogba is making it known how much he wants to return for United and do it in style.

I’ve been frustrated, a long time ago. Now I’m almost there, so I’m just thinking about getting back and training fully with the team and everything.

“You think bad but I’ve never had something like this in my career, so I always take it in a good way. It makes me more hungry to come back and do well and, yeah, it just shows me as well how much I love football. (Sky Football)

What’s the difference between then and now

United’s form before the COVID-19 break and the inclusion of others during the January window has made a difference. That’s a giveaway. Real Madrid still has the prospect of Champions League, while United still compete for a spot in the tournament.

Europa League and the fight is on in the Premier League standings with them only three points behind Chelsea in fifth place. They have every reason to be optimistic they can make that final Champions League spot.

With rival’s Man City in all types of trouble with UEFA and banned from UCL football for the next two seasons, everything stands in their favour. An extra spot has opened, and Paul Pogba knows his current owners have the chance of qualification.

Some Fans are ready to cash in on Pogba

Some United fans are ready for the club to cash in and move on from the Pogba era. This, obviously after the inclusion of playmaker, Bruno Fernandes. With them edging closer to a massive signing in Jadon Sancho, the need for him grows insignificant.

The Old Trafford faithful are tired of the same back and forth over one player, and want players who desire to be at the club. With his latest words, is he trying to fit back into Ole’s new promising look?