The signs are getting stronger for a Man United and Jadon Sancho transfer

As we wait for football to resume across the world is it safe to say, Man United might as well start taking pictures of Jadon Sancho in a Red Devils kit?

The Sancho sage goes according to this… The player wants a move back home to England and his current club will not stand in the way of his development. Not that they can’t get him to emulate prime Marco Reus but the player prefers the English Top Flight prospect more.

Accepting the fate of the player’s want to leave, interest from sectors in Liverpool, London, and Manchester have surfaced. Now when adding all the ones and twos, and deciding who most suits the player’s style or has the pulling power, there’s one name that pops up tirelessly. That name is Man United.

Now Rashford has given his opinion

The two are said to be best mates and playing together is an idea he relishes if it were to happen. This plus the recent news of Dortmund’s account saying he is free to leave, opens the door for a Rashford-Sancho combination.

It would be good [if Sancho joined United]. Sancho is a great player. He’s like the new generation player. It’s definitely exciting to watch the player he’s becoming — hopefully we can all play together. That would be good.

He plays off the cuff. He’s imaginative. I think in this generation, they’re the things you need to be world class. (Via: Manchester Evening News)

Further feeding this United move, Liverpool’s rumoured to be out of the race for the potent winger. Apparently said to never to be in the race for the Englishman. If true, the door is left open even wider and the player is screaming come get me, please. Chelsea is not a place the youngster sees himself at.

A move across the way from Old Trafford to the Etihad would be considered a more prime offer than to London’s Stamford Bridge. The want for Manchester outweighs every other factor. If all is true and United are ready to slap him with an unrealistic salary of £400k-a-week, Chelsea doesn’t even stand a chance and must turn their attention to option 2,3,4 or 5.


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An offer of 400k-per-week and Solskjaer’s late brilliance is proving to be too compelling for those who hold Manchester close to the heart. With certain keys being put into place throughout his tenure, the side is beginning to show positive signings.

Add this potential Ballon d’Or and this will be tough cookies to crack next campaign.