Bournemouth fan given 3-year racism ban – Is this a strong enough punishment

Reports have surfaced, Bournemouth is a supporter lighter after the young 17-year-old pleaded guilty for alleged racism chants in Bournemouth’s 3-2 loss via Tottenham.

A fantastic Premier League campaign has been in most cases overshadowed by downright absurd behaviour off the pitch. The most known irritation is the racism obstacle occurring far too often. A number of issues have plagued the Premier League with this one being the most recent.

A 17-year-old Bournemouth fan has been given a three-year football banning order after pleading guilty to chanting racist abuse during their game at Tottenham in November 2019.

The teenager, who cannot be named, was ordered to pay a £55 fine and £21 surcharge at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, in addition to the ban he received, after he pleaded guilty to indecent/racial chanting in the Cherries’ 3-2 defeat at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on November 30.

A total charge of £76 for being a racist?

What a weak fine! Three years without watching a live game is not that detrimental to your life. A minor fee of £76 surely states how serious the offence is not taken. It also displays authorities cannot establish a proper fine/punishment for this ongoing issue.

The fine should be somewhere over the £100/£200 mark. The hosting club should be penalised in return (yes the club has very little to do with it) as fans who really love their club would probably consider not doing it any longer.

The love for the club is sometimes more than the love for money.

What are three years – Honestly!

What do three years of not watching your club play live matches really feel like? Nothing to be frank! Will that person really be missing out on their favourite club playing football?

No, they won’t be missing a wink! With the invention of HD TVs with 4k pixels doesn’t exactly make you feel as if you watching the game at home. Throw in a soundbar and you can feel the people stamping in the grounds go through your entire body.

It legit means nothing to be slapped with a ban for three years. The punishment is still a small one and if they want to be taken seriously they need to treat the disciplinary more severe. Another question that needs to be raised… How often does this specific fan attend matches?

Every weekend; once a month; once a year? If it’s not as frequent as every week, I do not see the justice served to this young man.

Inspector Matt Ashmead was quoted by Sky Sports saying…

We take all reports of racism very seriously and as this case demonstrates, will take robust action against those who are found to have committed these kinds of crimes during football matches.

The vast majority of fans obey the law and neither they nor the players should have to listen to any kind of abuse.

We are committed to working closely with clubs to identify anyone acting against the law and would ask anyone who sees or hears this type of behaviour to come forward to stewards or police. (Via: Sky Sports)

Yes, we all are well aware there are only a few insubordinate individuals who spoil the game we love and that most of the public is on board in the fight against racism. But really these few need to be dealt with accordingly.

Sometimes the damage they do with their chants and other stone age behaviour is everlasting. We take players like Danny Rose for example, who cannot wait for his footballing career to be behind him, due to some of the racist abuse he has received throughout.

More action needs to be taken.