Marco Silva still has a job at Everton as they go up Leicester City

Marco Silva needs a win from his Everton now more than ever. Will the boys from Goodison Park be able to save their bosses job?

When in Liverpool, you either a Red celebrating your team’s winnings and success since the start of the season. Or, you a Blue and all thoughts of Marco Silva makes you sick because the once promise man did not live up to his rep.

Considering how its been going on in the Premier League over the past couple of weeks, managers have been sleeping with one eye open. Heck, some of the EPL bosses have been sleeping awake and with both eyes wide open.

Blink and it could be one of them who gets ejected from their respective clubs. In the short space of a week from each other, the two North London clubs announced the sacking of long-standing servant in Mauricio Pochettino, and never really lifted off, Unai Emery.

Now Everton as a club sits in a hot seat. Do they follow suit or stick to their season plan?

How can they do against Leicester City?

A show of hands who wants to take on Leicester City next? There would not be a soul who’d willing want to take on one of the best-attacking teams in the Premier League this season.

If one has to be brave enough and say it… They’ve possibly been the best team of the clubs sitting in the top-four slots of the EPL standings. Liverpool have been getting the proper results but in an ugly manner.

Not the intense thrashing football we’ve come accustomed to seeing. Man City? have just not been the same. Draws and losses already in the early stages for Pep. Because of this, it has made Brendan Rodgers one of the worst opponents to face.

Though, Everton and the Foxes are supposed to be fighting for the same goal this season. Due to a poor run over 13 for Everton, Leicester goes into this encounter as huge favourites.

How safe Marco Silva?

I honestly cannot say. It was certain the Portuguese was the next to go after Mauricio. It was even more likely that he was to lose his job before Poch, a sacking nobody saw coming but felt it was coming along. But the Merseyside board have shown heaps of faith for their manager.

Silva’s first 13 games, if displayed on a graph,  has less high peaks and many low lows. Over the last five,t they’ve seen minimal success. The Toffees have won two, drew one and lost two. Their most recent loss, a defeat to the team sitting in the relegation zone, Norwich.

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Sitting two points above a relegation slot is cause for concern. Having to play Leicester, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United, and Arsenal consecutively will certainly see Silva leave the Premier League group.

His job is as good as gone.