The Tuesday Transfer Rumour Roundup

By Jürgen_Klopp_Saisonstart_01.jpg:Christopher Neundorf derivative work: César [Attribution], from Wikimedia Commons
By Jürgen_Klopp_Saisonstart_01.jpg:Christopher Neundorf derivative work: César [Attribution], from Wikimedia Commons /
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It’s October 6th which means there are only 86 more days until the mid-season transfer window opens. It’s transfer rumour time.

  1. Jurgen Klopp to Liverpool

This doesn’t really count as a ‘transfer’ per se, as the transfer window doesn’t actually apply to the managerial position. Regardless, Liverpool sacked Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool are without a manager, and thus Liverpool have entered the murky waters of the managerial talent pool.

The good news for Liverpool is that two big name managers, Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti, are currently unattached.

While nothing is official yet, most major sources are pointing to Liverpool signing a manager who is effectively The Beatles circa 1963, I’m talking about Kloppo. The Guardian, The Express, The Liverpool Echo, Anfield HQ, and most trusted Liverpool insiders have all said that Jurgen Klopp is likely to reach terms with Liverpool by the end of the week (or as I write this, today – see below). Even Liverpool’s owners, the Fenway Sports Group, have said that Klopp is the man to mount a title challenge.

This is great news for Liverpool, but its great news for Premier League viewers who followed Klopp and fell under his love spell at Dortmund. Klopp turned Dortmund into a continental force, playing football that was incredible to watch while also being successful (back-to-back Bundesliga Titles, 3 German Supercups, 1 DFB Cup, and a Champions League final).

Successes aside Klopp is known as a manager with incredible transfer market acumen, he’s seen as charismatic, an excellent communicator with fans, the media, and especially players. He also invented the gegenpress, the tactical hybrid of Barcelona’s pressing system spliced with counter-attacking football, pace, thrust, and movement. It was that ultra-aggressive system which saw Dortmund enjoy its success, and it’s that free-flowing style of attack with impetus that Liverpool has been missing.

If Klopp arrives at Liverpool there’s a good chance he’ll shake up the table in the coming weeks. His transfer from free agent to Liverpool skipper would be a major coup in the Premier League.

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