Real Madrid Players Could Face Fine For Attending Cristiano Ronaldo’s Birthday


Reports out of Spain claim that Real Madrid men, James Rodriguez and Sami Khedira could face fines for attending Cristiano Ronaldo’s 30th birthday.

As reported by Eurosport, the consequences were documented as such: “the pair face financial reprimand after ignoring medical advice…[Rodriguez underwent surgery] just 48 hours before the party”

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Absurdly the backlash from their attendance has gone farther than just fan negativity, as Ronaldo’s decision to celebrate his birthday continues to gain criticism. After Real Madrid’s 4-0 crumble against rival Atletico on Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo had planned his 30th birthday party that night.

Despite his virtually invisible presence upon returning from a 2 game match ban, the Portugal international did not cancel his party, instead saw a successful turn out of colleagues including Rodriguez and Khedira. The criticism for the pair have come to greater lengths because of their disabled performances due to injury.

The Colombian sustained a foot injury against Sevilla Wednesday forcing him to undergo surgery less than 48 hours prior to the party. Khedira participated in the derby but gained a hamstring injury during the match, yet still proceeded to attend Ronaldo’s party. Fans of the club and media have been dually unimpressed with the players insistence on partying despite such a horrific loss.

Yet in my mind, they are human. It is difficult for us as fans to understand the pressures and how they can be relieved for players. In some ways considering how much income these players bestow, perhaps they should be forced to a life of pure commitment.

But this wouldn’t provide balance to their already incredibly jammed schedule. The criticism is hallow in my mind, and it is understandable that with such emotional threads in being supporter this kind of response to a loss is bitter. But we must remember the perspective of the players.

They also deserve a life that may not be related to the worship of football. Sami Khedira made a point to suggest it would have been disrespectful on his part to snub the invitation regardless of his situation.

"“If Ronaldo invites me, it is a sign of respect to actually attended. And it was not really a party, it was just dinner. I did not drink any alcohol all evening and went home at 01:30CET.” (Via"

It was also reported a number of Spanish players did not attend. There is no proof that it was purely on part of mourning such a loss.
Yet support for Ronaldo has come from unlikely angles as well.

Interestingly enough Javier Mascherano of rival club Barcelona offered support upon the notion that Ronaldo does not deserve criticism.

"“Everyone lives as he likes and I am not somebody who will tell somebody else how they should live their life. We are people, human beings. Often people forget that beyond being professionals and beyond being in front of a camera, we have personal lives as well and can live as we choose. Let’s not forget that we are people and we have the right to live our life in the private sphere and people need to understand that.” (Via"

It is difficult to understand why fans and the club alike could not see this simple idea. One which puts immense stress on the shoulders of its players, and should also be respected to a proper degree.