Heartbreak For Thiago Silva After Being Stripped Of Captaincy


Thiago Silva may be a Paris St-Germain star, but his momentum internationally has been stripped. It had already been made clear that the 22 year old Neymar had been appointed Brazil Captain during Silva’s injury absence — now it has been confirmed, he will over take the 30 year old indefinitely.

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In a press conference, Thiago Silva expressed his disdain for the decision, understandably the center back’s pride has been shot, but it’s the fact that it was all done without question. As reported by 101greatgoals.com, the Brazilian had the following to say: ”

“He [Neymar] didn’t come and speak to me. No one did. That’s what’s annoying. I can’t pretend I’m happy. I can’t tell you I’m happy about what happened, because I’m not. It’s a sad moment, but it’s part of football. It’s painful but I’ll still do my job. The first time Robinho offered me the captain I refused because I thought there were other more deserving colleagues for reasons of old age, such as Dani Alves. Then, when it was Mano Menezes (then coach of the national team) asking me if I wanted to wear it, I said yes.”

Clearly bitter, Silva states his need to be charitable with the title to his other senior players, versus the claim from Neymar without a word. In some ways this approach is more painful than open conversation, as the opportunity was seized during a time when Silva was unavailable.

Brazil’s Neymar. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

What I also find boggling about the situation, is Dunga’s previous set of words about the young Neymar during the World Cup as reported in an interview with Globo:

“I would not have permitted them to dye their hair while with the national team at the World Cup, do it before, or do it after, but not when you should be thinking about the World Cup…either you where a Brazil hat, or you don’t wear a hat at all…We will not play according to him [Neymar]. He will play according to the national team.”

It is an interesting scene as Dunga seemed to have heavily criticized the young Neymar for his superstar role being fulfilled over his player role — yet perhaps under the motivation that Dunga sees Neymar’s already huge influence to be a leader, it was natural to appoint him.

Although it is pain for Silva, it seems as though the choice has already blossomed in positives with Neymar as the new Captain of Brazil.The squad has found excellent form during international breaks and played some sensational football which is reminiscent of the Brazil the world knows.

This is also a testament to how Dunga’s criticism of Silva has come full flight, in that Silva’s strength as a Captain wasn’t the best choice for Brazil seeing as his lack of control of the squad during their devastating World Cup crumbled. Either way, the situation is telling of a painful Thiago Silva and it makes perfect sense that he would be. The widely regarded best centre back in the world as well as one of the senior players on the squad has lost something that means very much to him. And in a fashion that is certainly not the greatest.