British Premier League: A Merger that needs to Happen.


British Premier League

In England, the crown jewel of the English Football League is the English Premier League. Though the Premier League is separately owned and operated, it continued cooperation with the Football League shows their connection to each other.

The EPL for many years has been seen as the pinnacle of the Soccer World. Bouncing between first and third in the UEFA association rankings shows the leagues strength in not only Europe, but also in the world. With only the Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga topping the league over the most recent years, the English Premier League is by far, one of the best, if not the best, league in the world.

On the other end of the British Isle, lies the Scottish Professional Football League. The merger of the Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League in 2013 created the Scottish PFL with its top league being simply known as Scottish Premiership. With Old Firm Clubs Celtic and Rangers being the best known, and most UEFA experienced, Scotland lacks the punch of the English FA. Following the demotion and insolvency of Glasgow club Rangers in late 2012, Scotland dropped in the UEFA association rankings, from 18 to 24. With only Celtic remaining as a real threat to win the Premiership every year since, the competition level has significantly dropped over the past few seasons.

For both leagues however, their is a mutually significant arrangement that can and should be met as soon as possible. The Merger of both the English Football League and Scottish Professional Football League is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both sides. Not only does a merger of both the Scottish and English Leagues create the largest soccer league pyramid in the world, the depth it would create in ways of competition would be unchallenged and beloved by all soccer fans across the world.

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Many Questions still remain however on what format could be used in such a situation. The best format could be debated for ages on how to best combine the league’s together. However, one format stands out as the best way for a merger of this magnitude to occur. As said before however, as the English Premier League operates separately from the English Football League. Cooperation from the Premier league’s standpoint is needed for this format to work. This is a look at the best case scenario, with the Premier League being seen to agree to all the Football League’s changes during a merger.

With the addition of the 42 SPFL clubs to the English Football League’s leagues, some denominations and changes will be needed for the leagues combinations to work. With all English Football League competitions having a total of 24 clubs, the Premier League would require and expansion to 24 clubs as well. Though the move could be seen as a dilution of the product, 24 spots is needed for this to work. Like the current format, the top two sides in the English Championship would earn promotion to the Premier League. Joining these two sides would be the top two sides in the Scottish Premiership. Both the Premiership and Championship would hold a playoff against each other, home and home series with the winner of each match up joining the Premier League bringing the total to 24 clubs.

With the hard part done, the combination of assets would be needed as this stage. Abolishing the Scottish Premiership, All remaining Scottish clubs would join the Scottish Championship. Following each associations seasons, the top two clubs in each league would receive automatic promotion to the English Premier League. With a total of four sides being relegated from the Premier League, the third and fourth sides in each league would face-off in single matches as Wembly Stadium. The third placed side in Scotland facing the fourth placed side in England and vice verse for the English third placed side and Scottish fourth placed side.

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  • Each league would remain separately in the competition area, but would all culminate in the English Premier League. Both sides would continue to manage their respective countries competitions, but would operate much like the Conference North and South at the bottom of the English Football League’s pyramid.

    Their are other formats yes. Possibly better. Adding the Scottish clubs into the English Leagues through a merger process could be considered. For now however, this format will be used as the starting plan for a said merger.

    British Premier League

    With the expansion to 24 clubs, it would provide the English Premier League with more matches and more exposure. Some will say, more matches reduces the quality of the product on the pitch. I disagree, the quality is always their. Whether it be the first match, tenth match, or 46th match. The quality will remain, not to mention the added drama of a fourth relegation spot.

    Adding the top Scottish Clubs into the equation will only help build the skill and quality of Premier League soccer. With Welsh clubs already apart of the English Football League, adding another region of the British territory will only expand the Premier League’s influence across the kingdom. The English Premier League would be re-branded. To reflect the overall effect on the kingdom, the British Premier League would be born.