What is Chelsea’s Best Eleven This Season?

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Jose Mourinho’s amazingly smart, and efficient, transfer window has set the Blues up to succeed greatly this year. But Mourinho’s work isn’t finished; there are still important tactical issues to take care off.

Using statistics, previous performance levels and pure gut and heart decision making, James Sutherland decides upon what is Chelsea’s best eleven this season.

All during the summer months, as Jose Mourinho conducted one of the most efficient and clear transfer windows in history, debates raged over Chelsea’s starting lineup. Most of it focused on whether Petr Cech, the leader of the last decade, would remain between the sticks, or whether Thibaut Courtois, the leader of the next decade (and then some), would replace him. But others debated whether Cesc Fabergas’ arrival signalled a decline in Oscar’s playing time, whether World Cup winner Andre Schurrle or Willian would start on the right side of the attack. Romelu Lukaku’s future at the club, with Diego Costa arriving, was also put in jeopardy.

But Mourinho took care of all the questions that were presented to him. He sold Lukaku to Everton, at a great price of £28 million. Oscar has continued to play in an attacking role, just behind the striker, with Fabergas lying deeper on the field. Schurrle and Willian are splitting time on the wing, although one should be getting more time (more on that later). He chose Courtois over Cech and the decision has paid off.

Chelsea has dominated the early parts of the season, topping the table early (that doesn’t really matter). Following the 3-0 win over Villa today, the Blues remain the only team in all of England’s top four flights to be unbeaten in league and cup competitions. They have scored 19 goals, in just 6 games, a complete turnaround from last year.

Yet, the Blues don’t look exactly the same. The defense, in particular, has been leaky, letting in 7 goals. Last year, the back lines was the one part of Chelsea that was reliable, and yet, this year, it looks like they will hold the team back from glory.

That brings up the question: who makes up Chelsea’s best XI? Should the Blues play a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1? Should Mourinho adopt a more defensive, or offensive, approach?

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