What is Chelsea’s Best Eleven This Season?

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Thibaut Courtois big performance against Leicester kept Chelsea in the game, and earned him the number one role.

Thibaut Courtois has been making Chelsea fans sweat for years, even when he wasn’t making shoestring saves in a Blues shirt. While he was impressing (greatly) at Atletico Madrid, the Blues fans were worrying about how to break up with Petr Cech.

There was no need to worry, because good old Jose would do it for them. The debate soon changed from “Will Chelsea fans support Courtois or Cech” to “Will Jose go with Cech or Courtois?” Mourinho chose Courtois for the first game, at Burnley, and it was easily the right decision. The Belgians first chance to shine came against Leicester, the next Saturday, when he stopped several breakaways that would have killed the Blues.

Cech is still a Bridge hero, but the time has come to move him on. Comparisons are being drawn to when he replaced Carlo Cudicini in 2004. The comparisons aren’t bad; hopefully, Cech, like Cudicini, will stay on for a few more years, and get to see some more silverware.