Who will be crowned EPL Champions on May 19th?

Will Arsenal get over the hump to break a 20 year EPL drought?
Manchester City v Arsenal - The FA Community Shield
Manchester City v Arsenal - The FA Community Shield / Robin Jones/GettyImages

The English Premier League is undoubtedly one of the best leagues across Europe it is the most watched with an average attendance of 38,181 people, a viewership that reaches over 643 million viewers per game and has a worldwide television audience of over 3.2 billion people. The EPL also surpasses all the other leagues in terms of financial power. The EPL provides some of the wildest surprises be it cross town rivals, league leaders versus relegation threatened, a newly promoted versus a staple in the league or fierce derbies. Whether you are a longstanding fan, or a newbie just in for a treat, one can never tell what will happen on match day.  

Manchester City is like the main cast member at a movie premier they are at the center of attention, and they love the spotlight. They thrive on winning the title on the final game day. In the last 15 years four of their six titles were won on the final day. They are currently in the same position they were in last year with Arsenal breathing down their necks and they seem unbothered going about their business. Despite being in a commanding position with a game in hand, a trip to Tottenham where they have not beaten the Spurs since 2015 might have Pep Guardiola palms sweating.  

Arsenal staring down the barrel of yet another disappointing season after being in poll position in the race. However, if they are going to get over the line they will have to do something they have done only twice over the last 18 years, and that is to win at Old Trafford.  Luckily, the last Arsenal manager to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford is their current gaffer, Mikel Arteta. He broke a 14-year drought to beat the Red Devils 1-0 courtesy of an Aubameyang penalty.  

Liverpool is not out of the title race but will need a moment like the feeding of the 5000 where Jesus fed the multitude with seven loaves of bread and five small fish. Only a miracle could help Jergen Klopp to lift the trophy on his farewell season. They are currently on 78 points with two games to go which means Arsenal and Manchester City would have to lose all their remaining games and Liverpool win their last two, for them to lift their 20th title.  


Current position: 1st 
Current points: 83 points (+60 goal difference) 
Games remaining: Manchester United (A), Everton (H) 
Predicted points: 89 points 

The wheels of Arsenal’s cannon broke off at this stage last season and the Gunners grinded to a screeching halt as they finished second and watched with teary eyes as Manchester City lift their third consecutive title. Mikel Arteta vowed to make it over the line this season with conviction. Hence, he went in the summer transfer window and beefed up his artillery with the likes of Kai Havertz 12 goals 6 assist 35 games, Declan Rice 7 goals 8 assists 36 games and Leandro Trossard 11 goals and 1 assist. But the more things change the more they remain the same as Arsenal started wobbling again as they went 2-0 at home to Aston Villa. Arteta went back to the drawing board as cliche as it may sound, and they bounced back to form with four-straight EPL wins with Bukayo Saka leading the way with 16 goals 9 assists 34 games. The Citizen's squad is deeper and has more experienced players in these situations, but Arsenal has real quality and can take it down to the final game of the season. The Gunners are waiting patiently for any slip up from Man City. 

Manchester City 

Current position: 2nd 
Current points: 82 points (+54 goal difference) 
Games remaining: Fulham (A), Tottenham (A), West Ham (H) 
Predicted points: 91 points 

Manchester City, the Premier League juggernaut with Pep at the helm, is like Mandrake, the magician who can pull a rabbit from a hat at any time. City is a beast usually at this time of the season, they are unstoppable and show no mercy on teams whether at the bottom mid-table or at the top. They play open positional football and will give away a goal or two due to their vulnerability on the counterattack but will punish you with bucket loads. Last season's golden boot winner has returned from a minor injury and has signaled his return immediately with four goals against Wolves which took his tally to 25.  The toughest game one would think is the matchup between Spurs, but would Spurs want to hand Arsenal the trophy? Technically they are still in with a shot at the last champions league spot. As it is for now let us see who or what will cool the red-hot favorites. 


Current position: 3rd 
Current points: 78 points (+43 goal difference) 
Games remaining: Aston Villa (A), Wolves (H) 
Predicted points: 84 points 

Not the farewell one of Liverpool’s most successful managers would but football is like an impromptu series where there is no script. A topsy-turvy tail end of the season for Liverpool as Klopp saw his season took a twist in the wrong direction after a 2-2 draw with Manchester United and a narrow painful 1-0 to Crystal Palace, a shocking 2-0 loss to cross town rival Everton and a draw at West Ham. Klopp, a master tactician, will not bow out empty handed but not with the trophy he would like to have in his grasp. He will certainly be missed because he kept the leaders on their toes and offers exciting entertaining football.  

Who will it be?

Who will it be? Your guess is as good as mine. However, if it is form, I would say Arsenal. If it is nerves and know how I would say Manchester City. If it is the football magic or the hands of God I would go with Liverpool.