Who is Omar Berrada? Here is all you need to know about new Manchester United CEO

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What was Omar Berrada doing at Manchester City? What were Omar Berrada’s key wins?

In a candid interview, Omar Berrada reflected on the challenges he faced when steering strategic partnerships upon joining Manchester City, underscoring the difficulties encountered in his early days with the blue side of Manchester. Despite these initial struggles, Berrada's ingenuity and creativity have played a pivotal role in guiding the club to both on-field and off-field successes.

Beyond cultivating successful partnerships, Berrada has been instrumental in shaping the organizational structure of Manchester City and the broader City Football Group. His influence extends to setting strategic priorities for the club and refining the academy system. Furthermore, Berrada has demonstrated his keen decision-making prowess in player acquisitions. His strategic foresight was evident in the recruitment of Ruben Dias to fill the void left by Vincent Kompany. Berrada's discerning approach was also apparent in opting to pursue Rodri instead of securing the signature of Jorginho. Notably, he played a vital role in successfully luring Erling Haaland to the Etihad, preventing the coveted striker from landing at Santiago Bernabeu or Old Trafford.

Omar Berrada's visionary approach extends beyond player acquisitions to encompass strategic processes and policies, where he is recognized for thinking four years ahead. His pivotal role in significant decisions, such as securing the services of Pep Guardiola and tactfully rejecting Alexis Sanchez's wage demands, underscores his foresight and strategic acumen. Collaborating seamlessly with Director of Football (DOF) Txiki Begiristain, Berrada has played a crucial role in squad planning, ensuring a well-balanced and competitive team. In recognition of his multifaceted contributions and strategic thinking, the City Group elevated Berrada to the position of Chief Football Operations Officer. In this influential role, he oversees operations across the expansive City franchise, managing a network of 11 clubs.

Why did INEOS go for Omar Berrada rather than Jean Claude Blanc? 

Upon the announcement of INEOS as the victors in the deal, speculation among Manchester United fans pointed towards Jean Claude Blanc assuming the role of CEO at Old Trafford. However, the club surprised many by securing the services of Omar Berrada. While this deviation from expectations might have left some fans initially disheartened, there's a compelling reason for optimism and a tantalizing prospect that could reignite the dream of a glorious return for Manchester United.

INEOS, in a strategic move, aims to preserve the influential role of Jean Claude Blanc within Manchester United by not appointing him as the CEO. Instead, the plan is to designate him as the INEOS Sports Director, a position that allows him to wield significant authority while maintaining the existing leadership structure with two seats on the Board of Directors. The envisioned occupants for these pivotal seats are Sir Dave Brailsford and Jean Claude Blanc.

While the CEO will secure a seat on the board, the dynamics suggest a delicate balance of power. The CEO, albeit part of the board, will operate within the realms of influence from both the Glazers and INEOS. The decision to bestow Jean Claude Blanc with the role of INEOS Sports Director reflects INEOS's intent to honor his seniority and commendable achievements.

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