The Premier League Title Race Heats Up: Remaining matches of Top 3 ranked by difficulty level

With just 10 matches left, the Premier League title race heats up among Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City. Who faces the easiest path to victory? This thrilling showdown promises drama and excitement as we edge closer to discovering who will claim football's coveted prize.
Liverpool FC v Manchester City - Premier League
Liverpool FC v Manchester City - Premier League / Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/GettyImages

With just 10 matches remaining in this thrilling English Premier League season, the title race has intensified, showcasing a nail-biting competition among Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City. All three clubs are separated by the slimmest of margins, with Liverpool and Arsenal tied at 64 points and Manchester City trailing closely behind at 63. The final stretch of the season promises an exhilarating contest, as each team has an evenly split schedule of 5 home and 5 away games. Interestingly, each of these title contenders will face 6 matches against teams currently in the top half of the table, adding an extra layer of challenge to their title aspirations.

Arsenal's Path to Triumph

Arsenal's remaining fixtures present a mix of opportunities and challenges as they navigate through the final 10 games. Their schedule is peppered with high-stakes matches, including a pivotal clash against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, which ranks as their most difficult encounter. The Gunners will also host Aston Villa and Tottenham, ranked 4th and 5th respectively, at the Emirates Stadium, setting the stage for some dramatic showdowns in North London. Away games at Manchester United, Brighton, and Wolves add to the obstacles in their path, while home games against Chelsea, Bournemouth, Everton, and Luton Town offer a chance to secure vital points.

Arsenal 5 Home, 5 Away, Games against top half team 6

Teams with current table position with away and home fixtures are ranked as

Man city 3rd Away, Aston Villa 4th  Home, Tottenham 5th  Home, Man Utd 6th Away, Brighton 8th Away, Wolves 9th Away, Chelsea 11th Home, Bournemouth 13th  home, Everton 16th Home, Luton Town 18th home.

Liverpool's Route to Glory

Liverpool's journey through the final 10 matches is equally daunting and crucial in their bid for the Premier League title. Their schedule features a challenging away game against Aston Villa and a crucial home match against Tottenham. Other significant encounters include away games at Manchester United and West Ham, alongside a home game against Brighton. The Reds will aim to capitalize on their home advantage against Wolves, Fulham, Crystal Palace, and Sheffield United, while their away game at Everton presents a notable derby challenge.

Liverpool 5 Home Games, 5 Away Games, 6 Games against top half team

Teams with current table position with away and home fixtures are ranked as

Aston Villa 4th away, Tottenham 5th home, Man utd 6th away, Westham 7th away, Brighton 8th home, Wolves 9th home, Fulham 12th away, Crystal Palace 14th home, Everton 16th away, Sheffield United 20th home.

Manchester City's Road to Retention

Manchester City faces a formidable set of fixtures as they aim to defend their title. The highlight of their campaign is undoubtedly the highly anticipated clash against Arsenal at home, deemed the most important match of their run-in. The Citizens will also host Aston Villa and Tottenham, ranked 4th and 5th for difficulty respectively, and face away challenges against West Ham and Brighton. Home games against Wolves and Luton Town, coupled with away games at Fulham, Crystal Palace, and Nottingham Forest, complete their lineup of fixtures as they seek to overtake their rivals.

Man City 5 Home Games, 5 Away Games, 6 Games against top half team

Teams with current table position with away and home fixtures are ranked as

Arsenal 1st home, Aston Villa 4th home, Tottenham 5th away, West Ham 7th home, Brighton 8th away, Wolves 9th Home, Fulham 12th Away, Crystal Palace 14th Away, Nottingham Forest 17th away, Luton Town 18th home.

Title Deciders

As the season approaches its climax, several common opponents emerge as potential kingmakers in the title race. Aston Villa, Tottenham, and Brighton are set to play pivotal roles, facing all three contenders in the closing stages. These matchups are not just a test of strength but also a reflection of the strategic depth and resilience required to emerge victorious in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. The outcome of these encounters, particularly the headline-grabbing clash between Manchester City and Arsenal, could very well decide the fate of the Premier League crown. As fans around the globe hold their breath, the stage is set for a spectacular finale to what has been an unforgettable season