"Stick behind the team" Mikel Arteta urges Arsenal fans amidst striker demands

Arsenal fans want to see the club signing a new striker in the January window. Mikel Arteta explains the situation and tells fans to back the team.
Fulham FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League
Fulham FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League / Clive Rose/GettyImages

This season for Arsenal is getting from bad to worse. Once they were leading the Premier League table. However, after a string of bad results, they are finding themselves in the fourth position in the league table, knocked out from the Carabao Cup, and now, last night, Liverpool knocked Mikel Arteta's men out of the FA Cup as well as they went down to the Merseyside 2-0 at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal did create some good chances but failed to convert them and that has made fans agitated as they want the Gunners to sign a new striker. Arsenal's boss came out and asked the fans to back the team and be realistic about signing a new striker.

Arsenal are heavily linked to sign Ivan Toney from Brentford. However, when he was asked about it, he told reporters;

""One thing is what we need and another is what we can do. What we can do is stick behind those players and make sure we stick behind those players.""

Mikel Arteta

Reiterating the frustration of the fans, Arteta begs the fans to support the team even more when they are in crisis;

""Yeah, it is frustrating but what can we do. I can’t tell them play bad, don’t shoot, and score and own goal ... What I beg from the supporters is that they are behind the team.""

Mikel Arteta

This Arsenal team is playing the best football in years that the Gunners fans have seen. That is why Arteta knows that the team is good and they just need the support of the fans when the chips are down;

""Stick behind the team, they are incredibly good. They deserve the support with their attitude.""

Mikel Arteta

What is your opinion on the comments made by Mikel Arteta about the probability of Arsenal signing a new striker in January?