Rodrygo on Manchester City's Radar?

Praise for Manchester City fuels speculation about future of talented Brazilian forward
Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid CF - UEFA Champions League Final 2023/24
Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid CF - UEFA Champions League Final 2023/24 / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

The talented forward Rodrygo, of Real Madrid, is now on the radar of the mighty Manchester City. But what does this mean for the future of the young Brazilian prodigy?

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Rodrygo didn't hold back praises for the English team, calling them "the best team in the world" and praising their style of play. And while some may interpret this as mere pre-match courtesy, rumors of a possible transfer have started gaining momentum in the transfer market's backstage.

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The imminent arrival of Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid, with the announcement date already set, is certainly shaking up the structures of the Spanish club. With the arrival of the young French sensation, it is speculated that some players from the current squad may have their futures reassessed by the Merengues. And this is where the potential change of scenery for Rodrygo comes into play.

Manchester City, aware of the difficulty in convincing Real Madrid to release a promising talent like Rodrygo, seems to be banking on the fierce competition in the Merengue attack as a loophole for a possible negotiation. After all, with Mbappé's arrival, the competition for a spot in the starting lineup is only expected to increase, which could create an internal "conflict" within the Spanish club and accelerate the departure of some players, including the young Brazilian.

For fans of the more dynamic and offensive style of play, so characteristic of Manchester City under the command of Pep Guardiola, the idea of ​​having a player like Rodrygo bolstering their ranks is certainly tempting. His technical ability, speed, and game-changing ability could fit perfectly into the tactical scheme of the Catalan coach.

But, of course, for Real Madrid fans, the possibility of losing such a promising talent like Rodrygo is cause for concern. After all, he has shown flashes of brilliance since arriving at the Spanish club, and many believe that his potential is far from being reached.