Pep Guardiola Predicts the Eventual End of Manchester City's Dominance

Manager Pep Guardiola believes there will come a time in the future when the supremacy of Manchester City will end in the Premier League

Guardiola's bold prediction at Man City
Guardiola's bold prediction at Man City / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Premier League champions Manchester City have been a force to reckon with, both in the domestic circuit and in European competitions, and they are on course to emulate their treble winning season of 2023-24 this term as well.

City are eyeing an unprecedented fourth consecutive Premier League title and manager Pep Guardiola acknowledged that the era of unbridled success would be fleeting, in the future.

The Etihad Stadium-based outfit have had a tremendous tenure under the Spanish tactician, who helped the club in securing five league triumphs in the last six campaigns, whereas arch-rivals Manchester United have been a contrast in the last decade.

United have failed to capitalize on the success under Sir Alex Ferguson and since he left Old Trafford in 2013, only Jose Mourinho came close to challenging for the title, finishing second in the 2017-18 season.

Ahead of the Manchester derby, Guardiola reflected on football’s cyclical nature, pointing out the historical dominance shifts, providing a reality check.

As reported by Daily Mirror, he said:

"In the 80s it was Liverpool, the 90s was United and now we've won seven Premier Leagues in the last 11 or 12 years. In 50 or 60 years, there has never been, in one country, where one team always dominates and controls everything."

"We will try, in this organisation, to extend this as much as possible for many years, which is what we are trying to do. Especially the consistency that we can prove it again. What we have done over many years has made me so proud."

Despite City's recent supremacy, the manager remains grounded about the transience of success.

"But I've not done it alone. This kind of success for a long time doesn't depend on the manager. If people believe it's just me, they're making a mistake,"

continued Guardiola

"It's the hierarchy and stability of decisions from the CEO, Sporting Directors, the players, all the people working with the club. I'm part of that but I'm not the only reason for the success we've had."

Before the highly anticipated clash on Sunday, Guardiola emphasized on the importance of tactical focus over emotions. He urged for calmness, recognizing the quality in the Red Devils’ squad and their ability on the field.

The 53-year-old added:

"What I learn from my experience in these types of games is to be more calm. Relax, don't talk about many things, just focus on the tactics and what you have to do to beat them."

"It's not about emotions, because emotions will be there, without doubt. That is why we relax and prepare the game as best as possible, knowing the quality they have."

Guardiola respected the consistency United has shown at the turn of the year, citing their expertise as a unit rather than relying on individual brilliance.

He ended by saying:

"For United to go to Wolves and beat them and Luton, and to have the quality to beat Aston Villa a few weeks ago, they have incredible quality. From one action, they can create something special in set pieces, transitions and from open play. It's always been that way with United."

"When they play well, they win games. We're in March and they just lost one game this year, so the consistency is there, especially in this year."

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