Manchester City: At Risk of Being Relegated from Premier League

Manchester City are on the brink of a potential relegation shocker as they face 115 financial charges
Manchester City: Uncertain Future?
Manchester City: Uncertain Future? / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

Premier League champions Manchester City may be fighting for the league title with the elites of the English top flight but suddenly found themselves amid a battle off-the-field, which may ultimately result in relegation from the Premier League.

The relegation threat looms over City as they face a staggering 115 financial charges. The club’s former financial advisor Stefan Borson predicts severe consequences, hinting at the club's possible top-flight exit if found guilty. The gravity of the accusations, spanning from 2009 to 2018, raises questions about City's future in English football.

Unraveling the Financial Accusations: A Decade-Long Saga

The severity of the accusations, including alleged sponsorship sham and non-cooperation with investigations, puts Manchester City under immense scrutiny. We delve into the intricate details of the financial charges and their potential implications.

Speaking on talkSPORT, as reported by Daily Mirror, Borson said:

"The scale is on a completely different level [to Everton and Forest]. There can be no question that this will end in at least relegation - that’s no question, if those charges are proven."

"There's a suggestion of conspiracy over effectively a 10-year period. They [Premier League] are suggesting that City’s main sponsorship agreements are not for £50-60m but are actually for £8m and the whole thing was a sham."

Focusing on the extent of the matter involving various parties and the severity of the issue, the financial advisor gave more insights into what could ensue for the Citizens in the year ahead.

"That a whole load of people lied and a whole load of executives from multiple companies were in on it and that the club also lied to multiple other parties. Professionals, people doing due diligence on the company, the league, UEFA, the FA,"

continued Borson

"If proven, this is super serious. Nobody would argue with that. City themselves in their submission - I promise you, because they’ve said it to CAS [Court of Arbitration for Sport] - will say this is an allegation of the most serious nature."

Assessing the Odds: Clearing Name vs. Relegation Threat

While Borson believes City may clear their name due to the complexity of the case, the looming threat of relegation remains. We will be following this story closely and analyzing the intricacies of the investigation, potential sanctions, and the club's strategy to navigate this unprecedented challenge.

He claimed:

"I think they [City] will clear their name because I think a case of this nature has to have a level of cogent proof, which seems to me to be impossible to present to an independent commission."

"And furthermore, it seems highly unlikely that the conduct that is alleged has taken place over a 10-year period with the sorts of individuals who are involved in the club and in the companies involved."

"It seems highly unlikely and that will be the starting point of any independent commission. It will be a very big call for any quasi court or tribunal to suggest that this number of people have been dishonest and have perjured themselves."

Premier League's chief executive Richard Masters has confirmed that a date has been set for the hearing to take place. The football fraternity would be keenly tracking the outcome of the matter as City finally receive the verdict in the months ahead.