Luis Díaz, target of interest from Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, emerges as key figure in post-Mbappé

Will Luis Díaz be Mbappé's replacement?

Liverpool FC v Manchester City - Premier League
Liverpool FC v Manchester City - Premier League / Michael Regan/GettyImages

All eyes are on the uncertain fate of Kylian Mbappé and the ensuing behind-the-scenes battle between European giants Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona. With speculation mounting around Mbappé's imminent move to Real Madrid, PSG is now in a race to secure a heavyweight replacement to fill the void left by the French star.

At the forefront of these negotiations is Luis Díaz, the talented Colombian forward who has risen to prominence at Liverpool since his arrival in 2022. With exceptional skills and a solid season with the Reds, Díaz has become the object of desire for both PSG and Barcelona, with both clubs seeking to secure his services for the upcoming season.

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Paris Saint-Germain, aware of Mbappé's impending departure and the urgent need to find a worthy replacement, has identified Díaz as an ideal candidate to fill the void left by the French star. His ability to play on the left side of the attack, combined with his consistent performance and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities, make him a logical choice to bolster PSG's offensive prowess.

On the other hand, Barcelona has also set its sights on Díaz, seeing in him a player capable of bringing a new dimension to their attack. With the recent success stories of players coming from Liverpool, such as Philippe Coutinho, the Catalans are determined to secure Díaz's talent despite significant financial obstacles.

The battle for Díaz's signature will not be easy, especially considering Liverpool's high asking price. With the Reds demanding a substantial amount between £120 to £145 million, it is clear that they are not willing to easily part ways with such a valuable piece in their tactical setup. His importance to Jurgen Klopp's team is undisputed, and his departure would leave a significant void in Liverpool's squad.

Díaz's contract with Liverpool until 2027 puts the English club in a position of advantage in negotiations, knowing that they are not under pressure to sell unless they receive an irresistible offer. This situation puts both PSG and Barcelona at a crossroads, having to balance their ambitions of strengthening their respective squads with financial reality and Liverpool's demands.