Kai Havertz reveals ‘true feelings’ about Arsenal

Arsenal news: Gunners forward Kai Havertz opens up about Arsenal and life in the Premier League after Chelsea
Kai Havertz: Arsenal FC
Kai Havertz: Arsenal FC / Visionhaus/GettyImages

Arsenal forward Kai Havertz attended the PUMA Future World event in London in order to celebrate the launch of the new PUMA FUTURE 7 football boots.

In the event, he was asked about life in the Premier League after Chelsea, forming new partnerships in his new home. So, Havertz delved into life at Arsenal, defensive honing, and his synergy with teammates Odegaard and Rice. Amidst positional shifts, he discussed topics on creating openings and the Emirates Stadium-based outfit’s pursuit of silverware.

The Arsenal Adjustment

The German international signed for Arsenal from Chelsea on a five-year deal until 2028 for £65m last summer. Havertz reflected on the adjustments required. His versatility shines as he seamlessly shifts between offensive and more defensive roles under manager Mikel Arteta, showcasing a deeper understanding of Arsenal's distinct style.

During an exclusive interview to Sky Sports, Havertz said:

"Before, I used to focus a lot just on the offence, but defence is also a big part of the game and I knew that so I've worked on that quite a lot.

I've been getting used to all the players, to the style of football and now, I feel very comfortable in the team so that's good."

The Midfield Trinity

Havertz shed light on the evolving chemistry with Martin Odegaard and Declan Rice. Despite the limited time since their union, the trio demonstrates promise, leaving fans hopeful for a formidable future. Havertz emphasized on the camaraderie and shared ambitions among the young talents in the squad.

"We [Havertz, Odegaard and Rice] are all young, I think we are a similar age group. It's amazing to play with them,"

he continued

"They're both top players and we are still getting used to each other, it is only five months that we've know each other. Hopefully there's a big future ahead of us as well."

Beyond Goals and Assists

As an attacker adapting to new responsibilities, the ex-Chelsea star discussed the importance of diverse contributions. Havertz elaborated on the significance of creating space for teammates and making strategic runs, acknowledging the evolving demands beyond the traditional metrics of goals and assists.

The 24-year-old added:

"I'm a player who always wants to attack the box, wants to make those runs and I think it's always important to sometimes, not even get the ball, but to create space for other players. So I like to do these runs and I think they are always important to our game."

"I think that's just how it is nowadays - people don't watch the games, they just see the goals and assists and if no one scored, they had a bad game."

Havertz gave his take on his contribution to the team seeking success in the league as well as in Europe.

"For me, I didn't start playing football because of this. Obviously, it's the best thing to do to score goals, and I love it, but there are a lot of different things you have to do in the game as well.
I want to score goals, I want to assist and that's the nicest thing you can do, so I just try my best every game for that."

Chasing Premier League success

With Arsenal's resurgence in the Premier League race, after an impressive 3-1 win over Liverpool, Havertz expressed confidence in the team's potential. He shared insights on extended training periods, the team's dynamic spirit, and his aspirations for silverware, as the Gunners aim to end a two-decade-long wait for league triumph.

He ended by saying:

"It's quite useful because you play so many games. Every three days, you play a game and sometimes, the excitement maybe gets a little bit lost. So to have a little break is always good to refresh. We went to Dubai and had a good time with getting some sun as well."

"I think I adapted very well and I love being with my mates there, with the team. It's a lot of fun in the dressing room and on the pitch, it is hard work, but also fun. It makes me happy.

I hope we can win trophies. I think we have the team for that, we have the coach and the staff, but obviously, it's a long way to go. We are giving 100 percent to win titles and hopefully, we can end the season with that."