"I'd be amazed" Ex-Liverpool icon predicts the future of Mohammed Salah at Liverpool

Ex-Liverpool icon Robbie Fowler has made a bold prediction on the future of current Liverpool talisman Mohammed Salah amidst interest from Saudi Arabia.
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Mohammed Salah has been the best player for Liverpool for a long time now. He played a key role in the resurgence of Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool won the Premier League for the first time as well as the Champions League after a decade and Salah made a huge contribution to the success that the Reds enjoyed. However, since Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Saudi Arabia and along with him, some big-name European players also moved there, fans are speculating as to when Salah would follow in the footsteps of other successful players on the European circuit who moved to the Middle East. Last year, there was a big chance of Mohammed Salah moving to a Saudi Arabian club. However, he decided to stay at Liverpool. Recently, former Liverpool player Robbie Fowler made some bold statements where he predicted the future of Mohammed Salah.

According to the Mirror, Robbie Fowler would love Mohammed Salah to stay at Liverpool for as long as possible because he has become an absolute legend of the club. However, Fowler believes that a move to Saudi Arabia for Mohammed Salah will benefit both Liverpool and Salah. He said;

""Salah will be 32 next summer and will still be coveted as one of the world’s greatest players," he told Mirror Football. "But the fact that he is the No 1 Muslim footballer on the planet would make him even more precious in the country that is the cradle of Islam.‌ That’s why I'd be amazed if Saudis don't still have designs on Liverpool’s No 11.""

Robbie Fowler

The ex-Liverpool forward also acknowledges the feelings that the fans will have if such a deal happens soon. However, from a business perspective, he believes this deal would totally make sense;

""I get that supporters are interested in team sheets rather than balance sheets. But the people who run Liverpool have sharp business minds and they will weigh up the value of any player to the club and measure it against his value in the transfer market before acting accordingly."

Robbie Fowler

What's your opinion on these comments from Robbie Fowler about Mohammed Salah joining a Saudi Arabian club in the future?