Gary Neville backs Mikel Arteta to disrupt Guardiola and Klopp dominance

Gary Neville shares insights on how Arsenal can maintain their Premier League title challenge against Liverpool and Manchester City
Arsenal celebration against West Ham
Arsenal celebration against West Ham / ADRIAN DENNIS/GettyImages

Premier League giants Arsenal registered a sensational win over London rivals West Ham on Sunday, amassing six goals during the course of the match and inched within two points of leaders Liverpool.

The Gunners are currently third in the league standings, level on points with Manchester City in second, with the reigning champions having a game-in-hand.

Gary Neville believes that if Arsenal can maintain composure and curb over-celebrations, they stand a realistic chance at ending the dominance of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

The football pundit sees a monumental challenge for the Emirates Stadium-based outfit for the remainder of the campaign as they close in on the Premier League summit.

Breaking Guardiola and Klopp Supremacy

Neville emphasized the enormity of the task facing Mikel Arteta and Arsenal as they aim to break the stronghold of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp in the league. However, it would surely be a tasking job to disrupt the established order.

Speaking on The Gary Neville Podcast, as reported by Sky Sports, Neville said:

"For Arteta to break Klopp and Guardiola would be huge for the Premier League - we want disruption."

"Manchester City have been incredible, Guardiola is a genius and Klopp is the best manager over the last six years having worked against Guardiola with the resources that's he had. If Arteta could drive through the middle of them it would be monumental. I can't wait for the next three months. I want them to be controlled. To be determined. And to know there is a long way to go."

Arsenal's Strategic Advantage

Neville discussed the Gunners’ advantageous position as they play catch-up in the title race, comparing it to last season's scenario. He pointed out on controlled emotions and how being in the chasing pack benefit them instead of being regarded as the front-runners.

"There has been lots of jokes made this week about over-celebrating, but it's a serious topic. Emotion and passion can sap energy, particularly if you are over-enthusiastic,"

he continued

"From someone that is qualified in these kinds of things, if you use up too much emotion and are overhyped, it does sap energy."

He cited the actions of last season that proved detrimental in their title aspirations.

"Against Bournemouth last season - about 10-12 games out - Zinchenko was screaming at the fans in his car 120 minutes after full-time. If you're using up that level of emotion, imagine what we aren't seeing. You can read into the impact of that heightened feeling. Arsenal have got a great chance - they've got a great team, a great manager, the back four are solid, the midfield are strong and the front players are such a threat,"

Neville remarked

"When you score a goal, celebrate for your life, but at the end of the game, treat it as if it's one game down. Keep that control of getting the job done. They need to manage the last few months of the season really well and focus on the job."

"Last season I never thought they'd win the league, this year they can. They have more control. I'm feeling it for them."

Insights on Arsenal's Title Prospects

Arsenal's current form, the importance of composure, and the need to manage emotional energy during the title run-in, remain the key factors, according to Neville.

The 48-year-old ended by saying:

"They are the team that are closest to Man City. Liverpool have a great manager but I feel Arsenal are a better team. There is so much energy and passion at Arsenal, that's great, but we're now entering into a run-in."

"They were so great they could do it. Arsenal aren't in that position to be like that. It's helped them that they've not been in front and had no pressure or expectation. They need to sit there, sit there, sit there, and pounce at the end. That's how they'll need to win the league."