England and Belgium play out thrilling draw in international friendly

A fierce battle at Wembley ends 2-2, leaving both teams with lessons to take towards the Euros
England v Brazil - International Friendly
England v Brazil - International Friendly / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

England and Belgium treated soccer fans to a spectacle full of twists and turns, intense emotions, and breathtaking moments. The international friendly between the two European soccer powerhouses not only kept spectators glued to their seats but also offered an exciting preview of what may come in the eagerly awaited Euros.

The match, which ended in an exciting 2-2 draw, was a true test of nerves for both teams, featuring moments of individual brilliance, defensive errors, and, of course, the increasingly prevalent influence of VAR in the course of the game.

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The clash started with a burst of action as Belgium opened the scoring with a goal from Tielemans, capitalizing on a Pickford mistake ten minutes into the game. England's response was immediate, with Toney winning and converting a penalty at the fifteen-minute mark, leveling the score. England's apparent turnaround goal was disallowed by VAR due to an offside, frustrating the hopes of the home fans.

Belgium seized the opportunity and regained the lead with another goal from Tielemans after an English defensive lapse. The second half saw a more subdued pace, with fewer clear-cut chances, but no less thrilling. England showcased their resilience and determination by pressing until the final minute, and they were rewarded with Bellingham's equalizing goal, sealing the final result at 2-2.

This draw reflects the quality and balance between the two teams and offers important lessons for both as they prepare for the Euros. For England, under the guidance of Gareth Southgate, it's evident that there is work to be done in defense to avoid crucial errors like those seen today. The team needs to find a balance between their attacking prowess and a solid defense, especially against opponents as talented as Belgium.

Belgium also has their share of learning. While they demonstrated skill and effectiveness in attack, the defensive frailty exposed at times during the match is cause for concern. Roberto Martínez needs to work with his team to ensure they can withstand pressure from opponents, especially in decisive matches as they'll surely encounter in the Euros.

Furthermore, both teams have the opportunity to analyze their players' performances and identify areas for improvement. Players like Bellingham, whose equalizing goal was a standout moment, and Tielemans, who scored two goals for Belgium, undoubtedly earned points with their performances today, while others may need to adjust their game to shine in the upcoming matches.