Chelsea icon Eden Hazard REUNITES with ballboy he kicked 11 years ago

Chelsea news- Eden Hazard took fans by surprise as he reconnected with ballboy he kicked during Swansea vs Chelsea match in 2013
Chelsea icon Eden Hazard
Chelsea icon Eden Hazard / JACK GUEZ/GettyImages

In a surprising twist of fate, we witness the unique reunion of Eden Hazard and Charlie Morgan, the ballboy he once kicked during the Swansea vs Chelsea match back in 2013.

The incident, etched in football history, has taken an unexpected turn as Hazard and Morgan, who is now a vodka entrepreneur worth £40 million, shared a moment of their chemistry.

The duo unravelled the remarkable journey from a contentious clash to a light-hearted reunion.

The Infamous Kick: Hazard and Morgan's Past

Let's take a trip down memory lane to the 2013 incident where Eden Hazard kicked ballboy Charlie Morgan during a Chelsea vs. Swansea City match. The circumstances and the fallout led to the unforgettable moment when Morgan, who was 17 years back at that time, was one of the ballboys at that game, refused to hand the ball to the Blues midfield maestro, which resulted in the Chelsea star kicking the teenager and ultimately received a red card for the gesture.  

An Unlikely Friendship: Hazard and Morgan Reunited

The heartwarming reunion between Eden Hazard and Charlie Morgan after 11 years saw the Blues star taking to Instagram to share a photo of chilling with his ‘old friend’. From a contentious clash to a friendly rendezvous, the twists and turns that life has taken for both individuals.

From Ball Boy to Vodka Tycoon: Charlie Morgan's Journey

The incredible journey of Charlie Morgan, who transformed from a ballboy involved in a controversial incident to a successful vodka entrepreneur worth £40 million. The ex-Swansea ballboy, along with a friend, created a premium vodka brand, AU Vodka, which is now stocked in the likes of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Tesco, Costco,  Sainsbury's, and Asda.

The vodka label is available in 40 countries and is quite popular among famous sportsmen like Ronaldinho, Floyd Mayweather, and many more. Morgan has a personal fortune of  £55million and entered the Sunday Times Young Rich List last year in 27th position – above England striker Harry Kane.

Hazard's Retirement

Eden Hazard, on the other hand, called time on his professional career in October 2023 and seems to be enjoying life post-retirement. The Blues legend and ex-Real Madrid star raised a toast to the occasion and captioned the reunion with his ‘old friend’ saying:  

"A nice thing about retirement is catching up with old friends. You have come a long way in 11 years my friend."