Barcelona Eyeing Partey

Catalan club signals interest in Arsenal midfielder
Arsenal FC v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League
Arsenal FC v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Few things draw as much attention as a major club revealing its interest in a key player from another team. That's exactly what's happening now, with Barcelona setting their sights on Arsenal's Thomas Partey as their top market target.

The news that Barcelona prioritizes signing Partey is undoubtedly a sign of the club's desire to strengthen its team. The Ghanaian midfielder has stood out at Arsenal and is seen as a crucial piece to bolster Barcelona's midfield. His tactical versatility, ability to regain possession, and skill in distributing play would certainly be welcomed at Camp Nou. Moreover, the endorsement from Xavi, a respected and influential figure at the club, only adds to Partey's appeal as a potential signing.

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Behind this apparent masterstroke by Barcelona, there are a series of strategic and financial issues that cannot be ignored. The transfer market is a minefield, where player prices often inflate exorbitantly. Partey, though valuable, does not come without a price - a price that may prove beyond Barcelona's financial means, especially at a time when the club is still dealing with the economic effects of the pandemic.

Furthermore, there's the Arteta factor. The Ghanaian midfielder hasn't been featuring regularly under Mikel Arteta at Arsenal. This lack of playing time could affect his performance and market value, but it could also present an opportunity for Barcelona to strike a bargain. It's worth considering that if Partey isn't being regularly utilized at Arsenal, it may raise questions about his fitness or adaptation to the team's style of play, which could pose a risk for Barcelona.

Another unknown is Arsenal's stance in this potential negotiation. While the British club isn't likely to pose major hurdles for those interested in signing Partey, they're unlikely to let him go without demanding a substantial sum in return. Barcelona, on the other hand, may face difficulties in shelling out a significant amount of money, especially considering their financial constraints.

Then there's the issue of Partey's market value. Currently valued at €20 million, the midfielder certainly won't come cheap. However, Barcelona has yet to make any formal offer for the player, which raises doubts about how far they're willing to go to secure his signing.