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Arsenal and Porto have a fascinating Champions League history, with neither team ever losing a home game to the other in their six previous encounters
Arsenal v FC Porto - UEFA Champions League
Arsenal v FC Porto - UEFA Champions League / Mike Hewitt/GettyImages

From the vibrant Emirates to the electric Estádio do Dragão, a rivalry simmers between Arsenal and Porto, two European giants etched in the Champions League lore. Though their clashes span a mere six chapters, each encounter pulsates with drama, heartbreak, and moments etched in eternal memory

The curtain first rose in 2006, a time when Wenger's "Invincibles" still cast a long shadow. A young Cesc Fabregas danced through Porto's midfield, leading Arsenal to a comfortable group-stage victory. The return leg, however, saw Arsenal securing a draw in group stages

Fast forward to 2008, a season steeped in contrasting fortunes. Arsenal, seeking solace after trophyless years, faced a resurgent Porto, led by the enigmatic Raul Meireles and the ruthless Lisandro Lopez. Van Persie and Adebayor scored two goals each leading to a 4-0 win. But Porto refused to crumble and secured a two-nil win at home

Arsenal vs Porto head-to-head in the UEFA Champions League


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In 2010, Arsenal and Porto faced each other in the round of 16. Where Varela and Falcao scored to secure a 2-1 home win for FC Porto

But the story wouldn't end there. The second leg at the Emirates saw Nicklas Bendtner rise to the occasion, netting a hat-trick as Arsenal thumped Porto 5-0. The Danish striker, rarely a hero, became an unlikely icon, forever immortalized in "Bendtner's Night."

The narrative isn't complete without mentioning their upcoming encounter. Will Arsenal finally exorcise the ghosts of past defeats? Can Porto rekindle their dominance? The stage is set for another dramatic chapter in this Champions League saga.

Both teams are yet to lose at home, making the tie purely dependent on the margin of victory at home game. Expect fireworks, expect drama, and expect another chapter in a Champions League saga waiting to be written

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