Manchester United could FINALLY part ways with £373k per week FLOP

Erik ten Hag, Manchester United (Photo by CON CHRONIS/AFP via Getty Images)
Erik ten Hag, Manchester United (Photo by CON CHRONIS/AFP via Getty Images) /

Manchester United could finally be parting ways with their flopped signing who is currently eating away £275k per week in wages.

Three things are inevitable in life – Death, taxes and Jadon Sancho never kicking a ball for Manchester United again.

The troubled winger has been involved in off-field issues with manager Erik ten Hag and needless to say, these issues don’t look like fixing themselves anytime soon. With that in mind, Sancho’s future rests elsewhere.

We reported the other day that Jadon Sancho’s former club Borussia Dortmund were interested in taking him on. In fairness, this move would make the most sense, since he is comfortable in the Bundesliga and this is proven to be his level.

Manchester United to subsidise Jadon Sancho’s wages

According to Daily Mail (via 90min), Manchester United are willing to subsidise Jadon Sancho’s wages no matter where he ends up. This is in the hopes that finding a new club will become easier, since the winger is on an astonishing amount of money and essentially stealing a living since he’s not paid back United back in any way.

According to Sports Illustrated, Jadon Sancho’s weekly wage is a reported £373,750. To say that we live in a world where a player rotting away on the bench can make that much in a week really makes me wish I knuckled down in training as a kid.

It’s important to say, though, that media companies know very little in regards to what players actually earn. Only the player and his agent know his real wage, these are just the alleged figures.

As a young England international who formerly held a lot of promise, I hope that Sancho can return to his former club Dortmund and make a name for himself again. As for his time in the Premier League, the less said about that, the better.

Do you think Manchester United should subsidise Jadon Sancho’s wages?